Burberry Kisses Lipstick

Who doesn't love a good freebie, especially a freebie that's a sample of the new Burberry lipstick? My brother was an absolute babe and having seen the tweets flying around about being able to send someone a sample of Burberry Kisses, he nominated me (without me even asking - crazy, right!) and thus when it landed on my door step last week, you can imagine my excitement!

Sending my twitter feed into an absolute frenzy, the twitter campaign certainly worked a treat with both bloggers and friends tweeting about it (I told you everyone loves a freebie!), and I think it was a brilliant marketing strategy from Burberry. I've only really heard more about the Burberry make up in the past 6 months or so, and that was mainly surrounding their eyeshadows - which are naturally on my wish list - so to create a media coverage like they did I think was very clever!

The first thing to naturally mention is the packaging; whilst it's obviously not the be all and end all, it's always lovely to have a product that looks good, and boy does this look good. It may only be a 1g tester, but the packaging reflects the full size bullet extremely well; the sleek metallic packaging etched with the notorious checks with the name across the bottom looks and feels luxurious and seriously effective. Not only that, the bullet is adorably small and also has the checks engraved into it - they seriously have put a lot of effort into it, and I'm appreciating that a lot!
Whilst there were 2 samples, I opted for the "Military Red" colour as I am always on the search for my next best red lip and having seen the images, the nude looks rather similar to a lot of products I own. True to the name, the colour is a classic, pillar box red; something I haven't been brave enough to try for fear that it would be too orange-toned, however this does wonders. Being slightly blue toned, it makes teeth looks super white and suits my colouring well - in the past, my only other proper red lipstick is more berry like and too wintry for this time of year!
Described as buildable, I'd completely agree - I've tried it as both a stain and an opaque colour. It feels comfortable on the lips as it isn't matte so adds quite a lot of hydrations; although I'd say where it differs from other 'moisturising' formulas, this isn't too shiny - it's more of a satin finish which I quite like. Whilst for more opaque colours I do prefer a matte finish as they last longer, because this still looks lovely blended out I wouldn't be so worried. The one thing I do disagree with however is the fact that this is meant to last up to 6 hours before application; there's no chance this would stay on my lips for 6 hours as after about an hour I started to feel it slowly disappearing! Despite that, my overall 'vibe' of the product (ha!) is certainly positive...

Although these retail at £25, I think I may have to go to a counter and look at the others colours - there are 28 shades - as I'm super tempted to get a full sized of these lipsticks! I hope you have a lovely week,
Becky xx


  1. Aww this look so lovely, both the package and the colour!! *-* It's sad that it doesn't last the 6 hours but it's gorgeous! xx

    1. It honestly feels so lovely on and I love the packaging, too! I know, but then I suppose that's because it's not matte - I am seriously considering getting a full sized version xx


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