Bleached Hair Care 101

Whilst I haven't actually spoken about it on my blog, you may have seen that I've got my blonde back for the summer. My dip dye in 2012 was always my favourite hair style (see an old 'Hairvolution' post here) and I always knew I'd get it back, it just took me until now to do so. 
Because of this I've slightly changed up my hair care routine to save my locks from the bleach and as I'm growing my hair again - I love my hair at this kind of length, although the lob will no doubt be back at some point - I thought it was about time to update and show you how I wash, care for and style my tresses!

This Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo has featured a fair amount on my blog in past 6 months or so; it was a product I just picked up on a whim (I bought the travel sized version to start off with) and pretty much instantaneously I fell in love with it! It really does do what it says on the tin (well, bottle) in that it moisturisers hair, makes it far more manageable and just puts life back into my hair - I think it's down to this, along with the corresponding conditioner that really helped my hair get back on top form, even before I chopped half of it off! 
Having reached for the dye bottle again, I thought I ought to get my hands on a colour protecting shampoo and of course, I went back to my trusty Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo. I loved their Intensive Repair Shampoo - which featured in my old hair care routine post here - and I knew this stuff worked from my Mum's experiences and my use of it when I had highlights... It ensures that your hair doesn't turn brassy in any way and I do think it makes a difference in longevity of the colour (plus who wouldn't want to use this, just for it's hair-protecting properties?!). 
In the shower I'll do one rinse of my hair with the Dove first and then follow that by another rinse of the CW - not only is this what I've been told to do by hairdressers in the past (the first rinse only brings the dirt to the surface, it doesn't actually get rid of it), I can also get away with not washing my hair that often, so when I do, I go to town!

Conditioner/Wet Hair Products
For conditioner, as I mentioned, I use the corresponding Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Conditioner - I used to just use a cheap boots one, but I found that whilst it made my hair feel softer, it wasn't helping my hair in any way in terms of detangling or looks. This beauty is seriously one of the best products I've ever tried - purely because it's amazing at getting rid of knots, whilst making my hair look healthy, conditioned and a lot more manageable (there's a lot less frizz, put it that way). It also has made me feel a lot less guilty about putting bleach back on my hair as it seriously does maintain the moisture in my hair. 
Having brushed my hair before my shower to ensure the conditioner can work it's magic in the shower (I sometimes leave it on as an almost hair mask in the bath, too, which works wonders!), I  towel dry my hair and then usually just leave my hair to air dry. However, if I'm in a rush to go to sleep and don't want soaking wet hair or want to get a desired look, I do sometimes blow dry my hair; for which I use this Kerastase Cement Thermique protecting serum that has probably saved me a fair few split ends in the past! 

Styling/Dry Hair Products
If I haven't used the Kerastase heat protectant or am styling my dry hair with heat, I reach for my Superdrug Style Expertise Heat Spray, and although I never actually know whether it makes a difference, it makes my hair go a lot less poodle and frizz-infested when I straighten/curl it. Another Superdrug Style Expertise product that I like is their Salt Spray, purely because it is affordable, makes effortless beach waves and can easily add some extra texture to things such as plaits. Whilst I prefer my Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray for added volume at the roots, long-holding texture and an all round more professional look, the salt spray does work well for adding some dimension to my sometimes rather flat looking hair.

A round up of my essential hair care products, especially now that we're moving into what hopefully are some warmer and sunnier days! I hope you have a lovely week...
Becky xx


  1. I think I'm going to have to give some of these products a whirl they sound great! I went blonde in 2012 too! Really great post :) xxx

    1. You definitely must! I think there have only been about 6 or so months that I haven't dyed my hair since then, either haha! Thanks lovely xx


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