5 Steps to Motivate Yourself

Dear Becky, You need to stop procrastinating, faffing and basically being you and get this s**t done! 

It's revision season... PANIC! That's exactly how I've been feeling for the past week or two anyway. Having scoured the inter web for some revision tips posts, I thought I'd write my own collating my favourite ideas - not necessarily for you guys, but more for myself and my lazy ways...

Take breaks 
Give yourself the night off if you have to. There's no point overworking yourself, because sleep, as always, is your best friend - apparently that's when it all sinks in and you memorise things so enough zzz is essential. I've found that I work best in 45 - 60 minutes then a 15 minute break (drink, eat, play a game, a bit of YT if I can handle coming straight off of it etc.) works well, but some people I know prefer to do longer stints so they reward themselves with longer breaks - experiment with it.
List It
Be it for to do lists, lists of things you need to learn or actually using them to make notes, lists are wondrous things. I have stuff listed on the notes section in my phone, in note books, on post-its. I try to keep everything separate and not a massive huge list - because hey, who doesn't like a good, completely accomplished list?! They're slowly becoming my best friend and are so worth that 5 or so minutes - it also prevents you from beating yourself up when you forget to do something... Oh and it's a great excuse for new, pretty stationery!

Accept It
Seriously, I'm one of those people that has only just accepted that exams are coming... Having had a overwhelming moment on Monday, I decided I really need to knuckle down and it has pushed me to be much better at motivating myself. Accept that you cannot waste your entire time on Pinterest, no matter how much you want to! Accept that you're going to have good days and bad days... 

Post-its, flash cards (Quizlet is a great online resource for this), colours, notes, past papers, revision guides, mind maps, videos. The list goes on and on, but play around with how you learn best. Dedicate an hour or two to each technique and go back and test yourself on the topic to see which way worked most effectively. The one thing I still need to try is the SQ3R technique: Skim read, Question (make some up), then the 3 R's are Read the notes that you made up the question from, Recall (saying it out loud apparently is even better) and then Review your answer. I also love experimenting and learning in different environments; some days I'll work in my bedroom, others downstairs (I'm also hoping for there to be some lovely, sunny weather for me to work outside, too!) and I sometimes find that I've things just by remembering where I was!

This is the king of cheesy comments, but honestly believing I can do it and staying positive makes me have some of my most productive days. I'm possibly the worst at feeling overwhelmed, but just try to keep feeling optimistic - everyone's going through exactly the same thing and believing that you can do it,  even if "it" is doing your revision for that day, then that is certainly something to feel proud of. 

One final thing (yes I know I said 5 and this kind of a 6th step, but who cares) treat yourself. I've just bought a smoothie maker so I can make smoothies and experiment with all those horrible, yet intriguing looking green juices and strange combinations whilst I'm on study leave. Keep little guilty snacks for the end of a day to reward yourself; who would have thought that the idea of a couple of bourbons or a cupcake would honestly make me work so much harder?!

I'd love to hear your tips below, and if like me you have exams VERY SOON, then buckets of good luck! All of the above stationery is from Paperchase, just in case you were curious... Have a lovely weekend!
Becky xx


  1. Lovely post! Some great tips included!
    Good luck with your exams!
    Francesca xx

    1. Thanks so much! I'm hoping writing them down in the open will help me, too! Xx


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