The Ultimate Pamper

It's getting to that time of year when the stress levels are increasingly building and the balancing act of life seems to be getting more and more difficult. This weekend alone, I have managed to prepare for a German Oral (it went well, thanks for asking!), go on a scout hike, camp overnight and do any homework that was due in today - which is probably why I just NEEDED to have a bath last night! I realise that everyone relaxes in different ways, however I thought I'd share a couple of my own tips as  I love reading these sort of posts myself!


My bath is my best friend, second only to my bed! A lot of my bath products are Lush or Soap and Glory, but at the moment I'm loving this special edition "Fun" bar from Lush that I got for Christmas; it smells good, gives amazing bubbles - oh and it's glittery! Tea, especially those that contain little to no caffeine, often feel healthy and detoxifying, while can also taste great - I adore Tea Pigs (pictured is their Superfruit blend) Novus Tea and Twinings for Earl Grey, Green or Fruity teas!

Whilst I'm in the bath and/or pampering myself, I often like to set some candles burning and St Eval and True Grace are my go to brands for these - they both are great quality and have amazing scents. Most notably I love Sandalwood, Sweet Blossom and Apple and Elderflower from St Eval, whilst Curious Yellow (which was limited edition but is now part of their permanent range!), Green Tea & Citrus and Jasmine Tea are some of my favourites from True Grace!
Lips, Hands and Feet

I use a variety of things that flit in and out of my pamper routine. I've lost my Aloe Vera Vaseline tin (hence why I'm on my bog standard 'original' flavour at the moment), which is my favourite of the lot in terms of lip balms. For hands and feet I tend to stick more to S&G - Hand Food and Heel Genius are wondrous - as they smell good yet don't irritate my skin and do an amazing job at moisturising; however I am really enjoying this Lush Fair Trade foot lotion that not only smells minty fresh, but also does a great job at cooling, yet nourishing the skin!

For the face, there are probably no surprises that I'm whipping out the Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Face Mask (see me banging on more about it in my February Favourites here) - it just works miracles in terms of making you feel relaxed and clean as well as keeping any major break outs at bay. I also, however think that the Zuzka Rose Petal Cleansing Milk*, which I did a more in depth review of here, feels so luxurious on the skin that I can't miss it out - I often feel as though I've just had a facial after using it, which is never a bad thing!

All of this blogging makes me want to through on my PJs and do it all over again... leave any of your de-stressing tips below, as the more the merrier in my eyes! Have a great week...
Becky xx


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