Surviving University Open and Post-Offer Days

Having managed to get to Nottingham and back safely and without getting too lost, I thought I'd do a quick post about how to get through the rather daunting task of visiting a University, particularly if you go on your own like I did!

Make sure you know where you're going, how you're getting there and what you have to do to actually get to the campus/buildings you need to. Google and Google maps can be your absolute friend on these days so ensure your phone is fully charged (or take a charger with you). I also found that printing out any instructions that were sent to me was really useful so that I didn't have to waste precious battery to check them on my phone!

Take provisions
Snacks, water and money can basically get you through any day! I took around £40 with me to Nottingham, and whilst I didn't spend much of it at all (only on Breakfast, Dinner and the bus), it gave me sound of mind in case anything did happen! 

Outfit choice
I realise you want to set a good impressions but choosing style over comfort isn't always the best thing. Take it from me, even if the university is relatively compact, you'll still be doing a fair bit of walking, eespecially if you got public transport! I opted for black jeans, a plain long sleeved top (which I jazzed up with a good ol' statement necklace), my leather jacket and my coat. I feel the cold so easily and this layers are always the best way for me to stay warm, yet not overheat inside! For footwear my trusty converse got me through with blister-less feet; there were some people there wearing heels and by the afternoon I could tell they were regretting it!

Ask Questions
The whole point of these days are to get the most information about the university and the course they offer so make the most of any opportunity. The Universities often have student ambassadors and even if you don't find someone doing your course, they can often help you with more general questions as long as some possible vague answers. There are also Q&A sessions with students and the staff; however if like me you're too shy, try and grab someone at the end as that's the best way I got information. Often topics to include are: Grades, Accommodation, Social Life and Experiences, Bursaries/Scholarships, Studying Abroad and Employability (Work Experience etc.) as I've found these to be the most helpful when choosing what Unis to put on my form but also now when I'm starting to think about making a decision!

Take photos
Something I wish I had done, along with taking notes, was take some quick snaps of the campus. In my head a few of the Unis have got a bit merged, so differentiating them has been a little harder; however I've been referring to a couple of my friends pics on Facebook which has made it a lot easier. As well as that, try to jot as much info down, but if you don't get all of it, more often than not it will be on the corresponding website for that place.

Enjoy it and try and get to know at least one person there
If you're there on your own, try to be as confident as you can - even if you befriend some over hitting them with your elbow as you take your jacket off (yes, this was me on Wednesday!!) - because then you can get more opinions on the University, find out more about people and even make some potential friends if you both end up going! Of course, this is a little more difficult if your parents go, however I would say that one thing to do is go with an open mind. On Wednesday I went thinking I was going to hate Nottingham and came back utterly confused as to where I want to go - bare in mind that one day is difficult for a University to make an impression and things like weather can really muck that up! 

There you have it, my top tips on surviving Uni open and post offer days. If you have any more or want some more reassuring advice, don't hesitate to comment below... Sorry about the late posting of this, but having been to one of these days myself on Wednesday, I felt a day out and so wasn't very organised! Have a fab weekend!!
Becky xx

*Second picture taken by my lovely friend Jordanne Wood ( who let me borrow it for this post!*


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