SS15 Fashion Trends

Now that we've finish the AW15 Fashion Weeks and I've had my first FROW experience, I thought it was time to write a post about the trends I'm loving for this season (although the weather sure as heck needs to warm up!).

Yesterday, I spent a very lovely Mother's Day afternoon at intu Lakeside shopping centre in Thurrock  watching a showcase of clothes that the shops in the centre offer. A mixture of catwalk and dancing -even Diversity turned up - there were some lovely outfits so I thought I'd let you know what I discovered!

Brights and Stripes - Ralph Lauren
Yellow jumpers, striped skirts and dresses and the loveliest collection of cotton clothing, Ralph Lauren are never ones to disappoint at this time of year. I love the colour clashes between the yellow and cobalt blue and being one for a good splash of colour, this will certainly be one of my favourite trends!
Florals - Debenhams
Floral blazers, floral dresses, floral shoes. I'm not sure there could have been much more that was floral for this collection! This was the opening collection, and indeed one of my favourites, as I feel that this trend is pretty timeless and almost everyone will have something to keep on trend already; however if these looks don't make you want to grab a floral jacket, I don't know what will!
Marks and Spencer Menswear
Blues - Marks and Spencers (Menswear), Biba, Ralph Lauren
Instead of neutrals in the forms of pastels, this season looks to be set with any shade of blue - from bright cobalt to sky blue, this will certainly be one of the colours I expect to be floating around on the high street shortly.

Monochrome - Jones, JD
Whilst Jones is a shoe shop, the collection seemed to be very neutral in choice with mainly black and white shoes to accompany the monochrome outfits. What's more a lot of the sportswear that the dancers wore was monochrome with a few florals dotted around, which again I love as I think most people should be able to keep to trend on this.
Kimonos and Collarless Jackets - Select, Biba
A trend I love from last summer is Kimonos and boy were some of the ones worn yesterday beautiful.  Select had a festival theme to their collection, and whilst unfortunately I didn't manage to get a photo of it (it finished much quicker and unexpectedly than the others!) it may be worth checking out their website as they often have a lot of bargains! Whilst we're still in the cooler end of S/S, I think that a collarless coat adds something chic to an outfit (I always think of Chanel) it also was featured a lot yesterday - I've seen a lot out and about in shops, too...

And a little sneak peek at what I was wearing yesterday, too is below, because who can go to a fashion show and not feature their own outfit?! 
Roll Neck - Miss Selfridge// Skirt - Shoes - New Look// Jacket - George at Asda// Necklace - Tiffany&Co// Lipgloss - NYX buttergloss in Creme Brûlée 

I hope you enjoyed this post, a big thank you to intu Lakeside for inviting me! What trends are you looking forward to this season? Let me know below. Have a good week!
Becky xx

*Whilst I was invited to the show, it was public event and so I did not receive any remuneration. This is not a sponsored post*


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