Review: Duck and Waffle

I celebrated my Dad's birthday not only with my second consecutive week off work (I know, how rebellious!) but a weekend full of chaos; however the most prominent for me was the trip up to London on Saturday for brunch at Duck and Waffle. I'd heard some amazing things about it, but was rather dubious about the, erm, obscure combination; oh how I shouldn't have been!

The atmosphere, the staff, the food. All were amazingly great, and whilst for brunch it was rather pricey, it was for a special occasion and boy was it worth it! Just getting up to the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, where it is located, was exciting enough - the lifts are completely glass so you get amazing views of the London as you travel up to the restaurant... Duncan doesn't particularly like heights but he managed to get to the highest restaurant in the UK and actually rather enjoyed himself, so that's something to bear in mind - the views are certainly worth it!

Mum and I both opted for the "Duck and Waffle" which was served not only with a duck leg and waffle (duh), but with a mustard maple syrup (which definitely was more maple than mustard) as well as a fried duck egg. Whilst you may be turning your nose up at the sound of this, which is exactly what I did the first time I heard about it, the dish surprisingly worked, and very well at that! 

We also had a Mimosa each to drink - blood orange juice and champagne which were equally as delicious, however the most exciting was the "Duck and Stormy" cocktail that Dad had; an excellent combination of Rum and Gingerbeer served in a beer bottle covered in brown paper!

The "Duck and Waffle" didn't tickle the fancy of my brother and dad, so they both opted for the "House Breakfast"which was ultimately a full english, just to a lot better quality and a lot better tasting. I didn't get to try much as it disappeared quickly, but the additions of Sour Dough toast, condiments served in cute little jars and the choice of how you wanted your eggs certainly went down well!

 As none of us had eaten breakfast, we were all rather hungry by 2pm and so we also had a couple of the Belgian Waffles. Mum and I shared the "Bananas Brûlée", which was right up my street and was the perfect balance between rich and sweet; however I would definitely recommend the "Full Elvis", the waffle that my brother and dad shared even more highly. Having tried to order two to have half each, the waiter suggested that they started with just the Full Elvis, as it was so big, and could then maybe order a second if necessary. Not only was that particularly lovely as it showed that the staff weren't "money grabbing", but he was definitely right! A combination of berries, peanut butter, jam, bananas and cream all on top of the fluffiest waffle out of the lot, this will definitely be my dessert of choice the next time I go!

The dress code is described as "Casual Elegance" so of course I followed suit with a ditsy floral dress, leather jacket and some of my go-to pumps from New Look! I felt this was a good combo, though I certainly could have got away with a dressed up jeans look, which perhaps would have suited the weather a little more...

Dress - Forever 21// Jacket - George at Asda// Tights - Primark// Shoes - New Look// Clutch - Jack Wills// Necklace - Tiffany&Co// Earrings - Pandora

After our brunch and having taken plenty of pictures, we headed into London for a stroll around, so I thought I would include a couple of photos, too as you can never beat London's skyline and buildings!

Overall we had a lovely time, and with the restaurant being open 24/7 and located super close to Liverpool Street, there really is a convenient time for everyone! I'd seriously recommend having a visit, not only for the wonderful experience, but to understand truly what it's like to eat Duck on a Waffle! Have a lovely week...
Becky xx


  1. I REALLY want to go there! It seems like an awesome experience, and the food sounds tasty too!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. It was wonderful, I'd highly recommend it! X

  2. Oh my gosh I've wanted to go to duck and waffle for so long! But there waiting list /reservation list is pretty long isn't it!
    The food looks really good though!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. It was wonderful, so if you can get a reservation I'd seriously recommend going! I think it's about 3 months ahead so is a bit ridiculous haha x


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