The Debate: LFW

With the Brit Awards last night (poor Madge!), the Oscars on Sunday (see my post on it here) and all of these fashion weeks, I feel like I've got a lot to talk about. Until I sat down and really thought about LFW and what the fashion weeks' purpose is now a days, I decided that I wanted to write a more controversial post about it than just my favourite looks.

It's very easy to just say that it's where designers show case their new collections and well known people come along and watch; plain and simple it's a media stint, I know, but with all of this technology, maybe there's an easier, cheaper, possibly even better way of doing so. More and more bloggers are attending shows rather than regular celebrities, so why not harness that, reduce your costs and host something a lot less 'in your face' and a lot more strategic?

I'm not necessarily a full on Eco-Warrior, but the fact it encourages 'fast fashion' doesn't really sit right with me; we are currently living in a world focused on sustainability, yet we are encouraging new trends year upon year... From a short course at LCF a year and a half ago I know some shops, such as Topshop, that change their stock on a 6 week cycle! That's a lot of waste, a lot of money people spend and a lot of factories needed - I realise that's a whole other argument, that I don't really want to address but I do wonder sometimes whether the money spent to put on these huges shows could be used for something better.

My other issue is body image. In today's age of campaigns for emphasising the bad points of body shaming, why is there so much media attention surrounding events with only a minute representation of the country walking the catwalk? Whilst I'm all for encouraging self esteem, I do think that some people this year reacted in a disgusting way - if you haven't already seen this video on a skinny shaming campaign, just as a warning it makes you very angry! This post on a lovely blogger's blog (Olivia from Dungaress and Donuts) was a very accurate way of writing about it! 

As we're heading towards a time of increasing body confidence empowerment (something, if you haven't already noticed, I'm particularly passionate about) and the increasing influence of bloggers, maybe we should try and introduce a new idea to demonstrate a designers new collection? The Internet is a powerful place and as 'standard' celebrities are decreasing, maybe a more virtual LFW could be next... 

I enjoyed doing a more controversial post so let me know what  you thought and your ideas on fashion weeks. Have a good weekend!
Becky xx


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