Review: Zuzka Rose Petal Cleansing Milk

Another post skincare - surely not? 3 within one month is very impressive for someone like me (a naive person when it comes to skin), but this just couldn't wait... and not just because I was kindly sent this by the lovely people from Zuzka; this is a little gem in my eyes!

The Rose Petal Cleansing Milk* from Zuzka belongs in their Botanicals range, one which is specifically for mature skin, acne scars and uneven pigmentation; of course at only 18 I wasn't interested in trying it because it's suitable for mature skin, but I was looking forward to seeing how it faired up against my beloved The Body Shop Camomile oil cleanser (see my post on it here) and whether it did make a difference to my extremely patchy skin, purely due to my bad habits of picking spots.

I do have sensitive skin, particularly around my eyes, so when it comes to scented products I am a little wary; especially those with essential oils such as rose, but my doubts began to subside when on the bottle it said it was for sensitive skin. I had nothing to fear when it came to this wonderful product - a soft creamy texture allows it to be gentle on the skin whilst working effectively at removing my make up. What's more, I even braved trying it around my eyes, and whilst it's not great at taking my mascara off, it didn't leave them irritated in the slightest.

I often crave a "facial at home" product, and I feel like this is it. Not only does the smell make it feel more luxurious and is certainly not an overpowering one, it is brilliant at make my skin supple and brighter. I love this because you put it on dry so you really get the benefits of the active ingredients and moisturising effects, as well as getting a brilliant face massage, one of my favourite parts of a facial, in the comfort of my own bathroom!

As I haven't been using this for very long, I can't really comment on the effect it has on pigmentation just yet, but I will definitely update you if I notice anything of importance! I can't wait to continue using this, although I will certainly be saving it for special occasions or in times of desperate need as I don't want to waste it. For £20, it certainly is a little pricey, but to me for the quality and luxuriousness of the product in comparison to some even higher-priced products, this is well worth it!

I'm so glad I've found a luxurious product I know I can trust... do you have one? I hope you have a lovely week!
Becky xx

*PR sample sent from the lovely people at Zuzka through Bloggers Love. All opinions are my own*


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing if this has an effect on pigmentation, as I have some acne scarring I would like to get rid of!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. As am I, I think it would make the product even better than it already is! I will keep you updated x


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