MakeUp Revolution Haul

Having shown you all what's new in my make up bag last week (in case you missed it - it's here!), my brain obviously decided that I needed some more shiny new things! I've probably been on the MakeUp Revolution website almost 20 times trying to decide what to order, and when I saw that they'd brought some brushes out at the beginning of this year, I knew this meant I would actually be placing an order soon.

Having been lusting after the Zoeva brushes for ages, but not wanting to fork out £55 in one hit, I knew that building my brush collection meant individual brushes that were both affordable, but great quality; and that's exactly what I kept reading about whenever someone posted a review on these bad boys! They, along with a brow product and the fixing spray, were popped into my basket and on their way to me...
Top to bottom: E101, F102, E103, E102, E104, F103

First things first, I opted for the bargain of 4 eye brushes for £6 (who wouldn't?!) plus a concealer brush and the stippling brush. 
In the Full Pro Eye Brush Collection you get: Eyeshadow Brush, Eyeshadow Contour Brush, Eyeshadow Blending Brush and Eyebrow Brush, each of which you can get individually but as I wanted 3 out of the 4 all separately this was a much better option!
I then wanted a concealer brush to use with my Laura Mercier Secret Campuflage palette as I'd been using a Real Techniques brush which wasn't quite big enough for my liking so in went the F102 Concealer Brush!
The final brush I added was the F103 Stippling brush; it was the one that caught my eye when MakeUp Revolution launched pictures of the range. I haven't owned one before and thought it would be a good investment for cream and liquid blushes.

I then added the Brow Dual Ultra Brow Arch & Shape pencil in dark as I've been wanting a brow product that had a bit more precision and a product that wasn't to warm toned (as most of them are they're from the drugstore - I'm definitely not a fan of the orange eyebrow look!)... a dupe for the S&G Brow Archery perhaps with it's felt tip/waxy product combo!

Finally I put in the Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray as I've been looking for an affordable one for a while, especially as my skin has become more and more oily. My first impression of this is its smell: the alcohol ingredient in it is very potent. Stepping past that though, this is the one product I have tried and it's pretty darn effective! As long as you don't mind using one extra spritz of perfume before leaving the house, then I'd definitely recommend this!

MakeUp Revolution also sent a sample of their Lipgloss in Sunshine Today Please - a gorgeous coral-pink lip gloss from their I ❤️ make up range. Whilst it seems a bit thick and gloopy, it's a gorgeous colour and I can tell already it would have good lasting power; it took a good scrubbing to get the swatch off of my hand! 

Just from the look of these products, I'm super excited to try them all out properly... Don't worry I'll keep you updated! Have you tried anything from MakeUp Revolution? Is there anything you would recommend? Have a good week, especially if you're on half term like me!
Becky xx


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