Weddington Way Styling Challenge

Hello everyone, I hope you're enjoying a week full of exciting posts; of course today is no exception. Recently I was contacted by Weddington Way, an online wedding shop from the US that allows you to pick from honestly hundreds of different styles of bridesmaid dresses. I think like every girl, when I was younger I used to think up several different wedding day themes and so when they told me I could take part in their challenge, there wasn't a better way to relive my younger years! (it also gave me an excuse to get distracted by all of their beautiful dresses and give me a bit of prom dress inspo...)

They sent me a couple of pictures of dresses to choose from and so I picked one of the bridesmaid dresses; a gorgeous cocktail dress called Sophia in "Plum Perfect", which is one of my favourite shades of purple. My challenge? To put together the look I would suggest to a bride-to-be if I were Maid of Honour...

I love lilies and roses and I think the above bouquet goes perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses and would definitely tie everything together. I spent nearly 20 minutes drooling over all of the flowers I found, yet this one was my favourite from the outset!

Keeping things fairly simple I'd opt for some Nude shoes like these ones from Kurt Geiger, as they add a bit of glitz yet aren't too much!

A simple silver heart necklace is something I got given by my Aunt at her wedding; I think this one is really lovely as you would be able to keep the card as a sentiment! I'd pair it with the matching earrings here as I think again you could wear them on a daily basis and wouldn't just be restricted to the day itself.

Make Up:
Flawless base, lots of primer and of course a nude lip (such as Bitch Perfect by Charlotte Tilbury). I'd go for a smokey eye using the Urban Decay Naked Palette with a slight hint of purple running through and on the nails I'd suggest Essie's Meet Me at the Altar - a perfect lilac-grey colour to tone everything together, plus its name is just perfect!

Simple, yet elegant.  A half up half down hair style for the bridesmaids would show off the gorgeous neckline of the dress, yet still wouldn't look too "done up" and a little more natural. I love curly hair and I think the addition of a flower at the back would complete the look perfectly.

So there you go, that's what I would do if I chose this gorgeous Sophia dress... I'm now off to peruse the website some more! 
Becky xx

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