Review: Nanshy 4-in-1 Make Up Sponge

Last week, Blogger's hub invited me to a twitter party in which we could engage with lots of bloggers and brands, and could bag ourselves some goodies if we wanted. Now, I was little dubious about the entire concept, however I discovered some amazing new blogs and I've actually received a couple of the samples from brands already.

Nanshy have always been on my radar and so when I discovered they were one of the brands linked to BH, I was over the moon. They were kind enough to send me one of their 4 in 1 make up sponges that I have enjoyed trying out in the past couple of days.

I've heard of the beauty blender and I know that Real Techniques do a similar sponge; however Nanshy pips even the RT sponge to the post in terms of price at £5.95 (all be it 4 pence, but every little helps!) and is meant to do more for your money than them both. The shape of the sponge isn't like the others two as it isn't completely egg shaped and has one flat edge, which according to the brand enables it to do 4 different things. 
The point at the top is meant to enable you to get into corners and other tricky places, I found it was also helpful to use this part to cover spots and other imperfections to a high coverage. 
The flat edge is good for stippling on products, and I enjoyed using this part for my under eye area as it blended the product in best this way. I also found this was the easiest part of the sponge to use as the ridge in the middle made holding it comfortable and controlled.
The curved edge was possibly my least used part of the sponge as I didn't really feel the need to use it, however I think it would ideal if you're looking for a lighter coverage. 
Finally, my favourite part to use for blending on foundation was the bottom as it was easy to stipple, blend and roll on my base (which I don't think I've ever done before, yet I liked the finish it gave) whilst using the bottom.

Other than the idea of whether the sponge would make concealer look cakey or streaky (which it didn't!), I also was a little worried about hygiene and cleaning the sponge. Now in terms of washing the sponge, it was pretty easy and effective as most of the product came off; I simply squeezed a bit of soap in my hands, lathered it up around the sponge and rinsed under flowing, warmish water. I was a little let down by the drying time as it took about 24 hours to properly dry, although as I preferred using this when damp, I don't feel too disappointed!

As you can probably tell, I'm pretty impressed with this product and if you're looking for a good quality sponge that doesn't soak up to much make up that's at a reasonable price (and you don't want to pay £16 for a beauty blender!!), then this is definitely something to consider. I will definitely continue to use this, especially when I'm counting on a long wearing and flawless base. 
Becky xx

*PR sample, thanks to the peeps at Nanshy and Blogger's Hub*


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