Morning Skincare Routine

Hello! Guess who's back with another ramble-filled post all about skincare?! *puts hand in the air*

Having followed the success of my post on my evening routine post two weeks ago, I thought I'd give you an insight into what I reach for in the mornings to leave my face feeling refreshed, a little less dull and a perfect base for my make up (if I bother wearing it, as these days I often go to school bare faced!)

The morning is often the time, especially at the weekends, for me to exfoliate to give a smoother "canvas", whilst I also like to use a few more 'softer' products on my skin that aren't too much effort and that leave it feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, even if I'm not - can you tell I'm not a morning person?!

This super affordable exfoliator is from a brand that I've been using for years, and not just because my Aunt used to work for them! The smell of this thing is ideal to wake up to and the micro beads work super well at getting rid of dead skin. What I've also noticed is that although I've got more oily skin in the past few months, this is good at keeping it at bay; therefore I'd say it's great for any skin type! I often try to buy different exfoliators, but I'm pretty sure I'll be repurchasing this at some point, although the bottle seems to be never ending! At £2.39, where can you go wrong?

I got this bottle free with a full sized toner I bought ages ago, and I've loved it ever since. I sometimes just simply put water in it, particularly for the summer months, but when I'm in a rush but I feel my skin needs a bit of a clean and I'm not exfoliating this is what I grab. Quick and easy to simply spritz it all over the face and run a cotton pad over the top; it's even more refreshing than the original one I use in the evening, which makes it great for the mornings!

I've stopped using this in the evenings, thus turning to the more expensive Environ eye gel, as it seemed to irritate my eyes even though I ordered it as it's supposed to be unscented.  However for the days when I need to wear a lot of concealer in my under eye area, this is what I go to; purely because I then don't have to put it right up into the inner corners of my eye, like I do at night.  A perfect budget buy to sooth any puffiness (as I have noticed that it calms it well), this does what I need it to in the mornings!

P.S I just went to find a link to this, and realised it's in the Men's category?! Oh well!

Moisturiser - Monu Mattifying Lotion
Technically this is my brother's to help his skin, but as I said before I've really been noticing a change in my skin, and this bad boy has helped keep it calm. It's not only incredibly moisturising, I love the scent (I can't quite place what it is!) and it's brilliant for mattifying my skin, which is especially useful before applying my base make up. A great everyday moisturiser for oily skin, it's just a shame it's not more readily available!

I have just received a new cleanser in the post so will update you on that, although I think it may be a more time-filled "morning" product as I barely ever cleanse my skin due to me running around before school! Let me know if you've tried any of these products/what you're Holy Grails are for great morning skin... Have a great weekend!
Becky xx


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