I'm giving something up...

Hello! We're back into the swing of things already and Christmas seems merely a lifetime ago (how can school do that?!), yet I wanted to let you know something that I've decided to do for the entirety of 2015... and don't worry, it's not giving up my blog, just other things that I love in order to raise money for charity!

Inspired by Penny (from APennyForThem - previously lilliesandlove!) and her efforts from last year, I've decided that I wanted to give something up every month to raise money for charity (I've picked 3 charities that either mean something personal to me or that I feel are super important to support!).

Please help in way you can, be it through helping me fight my cravings, donating money or simply spreading the word - I want to make a difference this year, and I thought this would be a great way to start. Here's a month by month run down of what I plan to give up and don't worry, I'll keep you posted along the way...

January - Crisps
February - Potatoes
March - Music (of course, I can't ignore it completely, but I will definitely give up my iTunes etc!)
April -  Chocolate
May - Sweets
June - Biscuits
July - Alcohol
August - Netflix, TV, Cinema
September - Tea
October - Desserts
November - Meat

December - Fizzy Pop

Everything above is something I love and so I hope you can help me out, and even if just raise a small £50 I'll be happy, so here goes....

The three charities I've chosen to donate to are as follows:

Cancer Research UK - self explanatory really, but this charity has meant a lot to my friends and family over the years!
Mind - a mental health charity, a cause I think that needs more attention!
Haven's hospice - my local hospice that I visited when I was in primary school is part of this groupd (Little Haven's Children's hospice) and now I will always have a special place for it!

If you'd like to donate, please visit my Virginmoneygiving page here (or just search 'virgin money becanablog'), or if you know me personally and would like to give me something, let me know!
Have a good week, see you back here on Thursday, 
Becky xx


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