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Hello! I hope you all had a lovely post-Christmas (not sure what this time of year is actually called!) and has enjoyed all of their new goodies... As I said in my last post (see it here) I've been up to my grandparents and have just got back, hence why this post is today! I've got a post going up today, tomorrow and Thursday though so don't be too disheartened... 

For today's post I thought I'd look back at 2014 and let you know the top 7 posts that you've enjoyed reading the most this year in chronological order from most recent to then...

Of course the most popular were my giveaways, the most read post is actually my Christmas one that closes at midnight TONIGHT, so get entering here

Next up was the post I wrote about GRAEAE and how much it inspired me, so I'm so glad that this was one of your favourites, too!

Then came a very wordy, jumbled post called "Why Make Up" which I enjoyed writing and think that I'm going to write a few similar in 2015!

My bucket list of things to do before I'm 19 here was also popular, and don't worry I'll be updating you on this very soon!

My make up posts have been lacking recently, but the post about my festival look was one of my favourites because I really loved what I created and you also seemed to like it!
Then a few of my outfit posts were very popular and so I can't wait to do more in the new year such as these ones as they're one of my favourite things to do... 
My green and gold one is still one of my favourite posts purely down to the pictures I managed to get (oh and the shoes!!)

The afternoon tea post for my friend's mum's 50th was so delicious and I'm so glad I caught it all on camera, including this gorgeous dress!

So there you have it, my top posts of the year for you to either discover or relive! Let me know what your favourite posts to read are... See you tomorrow!
Becky xx


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