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Hello! I'm feeling rather festive and Christmassy all of a sudden, as yesterday we had a fake Christmas with my family! I love spending time with my family, and I think that's the main thing I love about this time of year (cliche I know!) and so now I feel like today is the perfect time to let you know some of the ideas I would consider getting for the men out there.... I know it's pretty easy to stick to the body gel, socks or mug options so here's a little inspiration.

£15 and under
A graphic t-shirt is always a winner in my eyes and I find that next always have some good ones, especially around Christmas time ( I particularly like this one!)

Selfie Remote - My cousin bought my brother one of these yesterday (yes we opened some presents!), which he seems to be loving, although the noise does take some getting used to!

Cocktail Shaker - this one for Debenhams is currently on offer and is perfect for boys about my age! 

Automatic counting money pot - again, this is a cool present in terms of it being practical yet stylish - even I would love this!

£30 and under
Scratch off World Map - not only is this seriously cool, it's very affordable; if you don't want the scratch able part, then it's fairly easy to track down world map posters etc. and then grab some pins (or similar) and you're sorted!

A computer game (Fifa 15) - be it the latest COD, Fifa or other computer game, they always go down well and more often than not you can just about manage to find them at about £30.

Shirt and/or tie - as long as you know the measurements, a new shirt is a great idea (my dad loves getting some new shirts), but a tie can easily be effective - be it funny, smart, meaningful, festive or just plain simple! This combo from ASOS is also genius!

Doctor Who cookie jar - The nerd in me jumped when I saw this as it would be perfect for any of my friends (including girls, which is cheating, I know!) and at the price would make a lovely, thoughtful gift.

Personalised Lyrics cushion - I would love one of these, but I know so many of my guy friends would too, particularly as it would be personalised. 

Vinyl Clocks (Beacon by TDCC) - these are amazing gifts and can range from around £15 upwards, however the reason I included these here was the fact I would buy my brother this one  if I hadn't already got him a gift!

Hugo Boss Red Gift Set - I know I said not to stick with the body gel right above this line, but it is relatively easy and if you link it to scents that you know they like, this can actually be a really great gift! 

Calvin Klein Boxer Gift Set - Underwear and socks are always a good call, and this set of 3 boxers are definitely going to be appreciated, just as much as Jack Wills, Armani etc would be!

Blacks (if they're outdoorsy or are going away on a big trip like a few of my friends, this is ideal!)
Experiences (e.g. Supercar driving days, Brewery tour and tasting - like this one, etc.)

Usually I struggle what to get for my brother, yet this year seems to be the easiest one ever, so I will have to come back to this post for his birthday! I hope this helps anybody stuck for ideas... don't forget this week is the last week for most shops to order in for Christmas, and loads of places are doing discounts so if you haven't already: get shopping! Have a lovely week
Becky xx

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