#CountdowntoChristmas|Gift Guide for Her

I couldn't wait to do this post once I found out it was part of the blog series, simply because I've been collecting a few items in my brain, on paper and in the notes app on my phone for a while now! Although some of these won't be on my Wishlist (see what I've asked for here), I just love window shopping for other people. I've split everything up into categories so have fun wandering and hopefully you'll find something for that girl you're struggling with!

£10 or under

Happy Jackson Notebook - LOVE THIS! Perfect for any stationery horder (like me!)
Wish List Sticky notes - Ideal for those of us who have rubbish memories and not enough money to buy everything they want (plus for those who need to make hints to their partners, friends, family etc.)
Alphabet Stamp set - for the crafters out there! I use these at work sometimes for place cards, party bags etc and they look great!
Soap and Glory Gift Sets - For minis of everyone's favourite bath time brand, Christmas is perfect! I like the look of this one and this one.
Stretch bands (hair ties) - These make a pretty addition to your stocking and look much more interesting than a regular hair tie... what's more they supposedly are less damaging!

£20 and Under 

Happy Jackson Lunch box set - I think I may have fallen in love with this brand, but these would be perfect for anyone my age (plus I would love these for Uni!)
Alphabet bags Glitter letter pouch - I've seen these in person, and every time I do I want one! This company has amazing designs so there should be something for everyone who needs a good purse/make up bag/wash bag etc.
Jewellery stand - who doesn't love this?! For the price as well, I think you get something of rather good quality for £12!
Estella Bartlett bracelet duo - One of my favrouite jewellery brands, this duo set would be perfect for those who like subtle, yet glam!
Michael Kors Nail Polish - having received a trio gift set of their nail varnishes, I've fallen in love with the formula so this had to be included on my gift guide! Some of the shades (and the packaging) are rather lovely!
F&F Onesie - is it cheating that I know I'm getting this for Christmas? I love it though, and think it's the perfect festive Onesie!

£50 and Under (I know this is a huge jump but I didn't want too many categories! I will put prices next to them to make it easier!)

Lush Star of Wonder gift set (£26.50) - Containing some amazing products, this is by far my favourite gift set from Lush this year!
Ciate Nail polish house (£25) - for the nail varnish fiend out there, I think this would be great!
Kate Spade phone case (£35) - I know it's a little pricey for a phone case, but Kate Spade do some gorgeous ones as a little treat! 
Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick trio (£29) - So much hype, so little money to buy. This would be a great way to let the receiver try out CT's products whilst not spending a fortune on 3 lipsticks!! Plus, note the packaging...

For people obsessed with YouTubers/Bloggers

Zoella Beauty - the perfume, make up bag or the candle would be my choice!
Girl Online book by Zoe Sugg - despite the controversy over the weekend, I still think this is a massive hit!
Tanya Burr Cosmetics - As well as releasing eyelashes recently, she's also added a few festive things so it's worth a look! From the core range I love Afternoon tea and Picnic in the park lip glosses as well as the Little Duck nail polish!
COlab dry shampoo - Ruth's dry shampoo has had a lot of praise from fellow bloggers and I can't wait to try some (I haven't got round to buying some yet!)

Those people who you're struggling to buy for (Vouchers basically!)

Some of my favourites include:
John Lewis
New Look
Local Spa (definitely one of my favourite things to receive!)

Ta da - I hope that this helps at least one person... I had so much fun finding all of these things! Look out for a men's guide soon but keep an eye out for a rather special post tomorrow - have a good evening! 
Becky xx


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