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Hello... another Friday, another #countdowntochristmas post for you - and this time it's a lifestyle one (I've been loving doing more of these lately) in the shape of my favourite festive drinks! Christmas is certainly my favourite time for the cocktails and mulled wine; but of course, I had to include my ultimate Christmas drink... wait to the end for that one! 

Poinsettia cocktail - having been introduced to this by my boss last year, this has become a firm favourite both among me and my family: the gorgeous cranberry and orange blend with a splash of bubbles makes this very Christmassy indeed!

Cranberry juice (4 parts)
Triple sec, Cointreau or Grand Marnier (1 part)
Champagne/Prosseco (6 parts)

Snowball -  a classic Christmas favourite, again that I tried last year. I must admit, I have already had one of these this year and fell in love all over again!

50 ml Advocaat
Top up with Soda or Lemonade
You can also add a dash of lime cordial if you want (although I like it without!)

Mulled Wine - or Gl├╝hwein as some people call it, is the perfect Christmas Market drink. The best I ever had was in Bruges this time last year when I went with my mum, my friend and her mum; I'd highly recommend going!
There are several recipes for this online, and I must confess that I haven't made any, but any mulled wine is good!

Non-Alcoholic favourites:

Costa Coffee Praline Cappuccino 
I had this the other day, and usually I don't really like coffee, but boy is this good! The perfect blend of nutty-ness and coffee (with all the froth as well!), this is certainly one of my new found things!

Gingerbread Latte 
Several places do these now, but my personal favourite are my homemade ones as you get to choose exactly how you make it! I know Starbuck's sell the syrup, but Whittard's do a great one as well.

But my all time favourite? The classic...
Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows
Always mini marshmallows. Always Milk based. Bliss. Enough said!

Do you have any suggestions to add to my list, let me know! Also don't forget to enter my Christmas giveaway which is now live... see you on Monday!
Becky xx


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