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When I saw that this was the topic of the post, I panicked. But having calmed myself with a cup of tea, I quickly came up with things that are my most important things for me at Christmas time, and what I used when I went out on Wednesday (as I know this Christmas, I'm going out a fair bit, so these will be my essentials for this year!). Not everything is party orientated (Christmas is naturally the prime time to chill and veg in front of the TV) and I have some bits and bobs from films, books, food, to beauty and fashion... let me know what you have in your survival kit!


A foundation without SPF in is great for Christmas time, as it doesn't give flashback in photos and I've found that matte formulas work better for me in terms of lasting power - this one from Barry M had to grow on me because I'm definitely picky when it comes to foundation, but I truly have found a bargain-filled foundation ideal for this time of year. If you're looking for a more high end one, the Nars Sheer Glow foundation is meant to be great as well!

Red/glittery nail varnish is a must, so of course I had to include these ones. I adore the Barry M polishes in the shades 335 Gold Mine (black with gold glitter) and Raspberry, but the Michael Kors polish in Runway Star is also one of my new favourites!

My Eyelure individual lashes have been one of my newest finds, and one of my favourites. Along with the eye lure lash glue (about £2), these make my make up far easier and look like I've put a lot more effort in than I have, whilst still looking natural - people didn't believe me when I told them they were fake!

A Red lipstick to match your nails is also a good one to go for, and of course mine is the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 107 because everyone knows it's the perfect berry red for the Christmas season!

Dry shampoo is possibly one of the best things to invest around this time, particularly as it's got so many different uses! Not only does it leave your hair smelling and looking fresh, it gives it texture, volume and more hold than normal - ideal for people who need a bargain product. My one is from Boots and is currently on offer for £1.50 (I know!!).

A Christmas hair band, bobble or accessory is possibly the best thing ever (I've had this bow for about 4 years now!) as it does the job and can be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, whilst still being a little more subtle than a Santa's hat!


My new party dress (ASOS) and shoes (new look via ASOS) are what I plan to wear on Christmas day - the shoes are incredibly comfy and I thinks that's my best advice for when you're choosing what to wear: Comfort! 

I also think knitwear is a great wintertime survival kit essential (not always the Christmas jumpers!), along with a huge scarf (like those in Zara) and a warm coat - I'm loving the parka jackets and duffle coats at the moment!

A clutch bag is an excellent way of carrying around your essentials... mine is from a brand called but I'm planning on getting a bigger one so I could accommodate my need for taking those foldable flats with me! In my clutch I often take the lipstick I'm wearing, plasters (both for blisters and any minor injuries), powder, a smallish brush and concealer - they are all small, yet effective ways of making your make up look super flawless!


DVDs include Love, Actually, Arthur Christmas, A Christmas Carol and many more, as well as the box sets of my favourite TV shows (Outnumbered, Gavin and Stacey).

I also love a good Christmassy book, and this year I've loved Giovanna Feltcher's Christmas edition of Billy and Me - a little predictable, yes, but the perfect light read to get you in the festive spirit!

Cocktails are always good (see my favourite festive drinks post here), along with too many roast potatoes and chocolate. No Christmas is complete without numerous Toffee Pennies from the Quality Street tubs!

So there you have it, my Christmas survival essentials, along with some of the things that just complete Crhistmas for me! Let me know what your most important thing is at this time of year to get you through the season... have a fab weekend!
Becky xx


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