Top 5 Christmas Adverts of 2014 So Far

As I was walking home this afternoon (it was pretty much dark at 4.20 pm!), I realised how close we are to Christmas already! Having taken us by surprise that we are already mid-November, the Christmas adverts have started rolling in... and there has been a lot of talk surrounding them this year. Some have been disappointing, whilst some have been pure genius so I thought I'd share with you my favourite 5 I've seen so far.

5. Sky Movies have really upped themselves this year (put it this way, I don't really remember much about previous years' adverts) and I have to admit, you can't go wrong with a bit of Disney magic! From the Lego Movie to Frozen they have managed to do a great job of getting me into the Christmas spirit - head on over here to see it.

4. John Lewis is next up and who wasn't surprised?! Whilst you may be surprised to see it this high up your screen purely because of Monty the penguin, I have to admit I, like some other people, were a little disappointed. Kudos to JL for the product placement (all of the soft toys are sold out; they even have a penguin app!), and I really do believe that their adverts are so cleverly thought out that they are possibly one of the most effective: however I don't think it was worth £1m! I do like the fact that this year doesn't have me in tears, just simply getting me to say "aww" every 5 seconds! See it here.

3.Having pipped it's sister shop to the post, Waitrose has claimed my number 3 spot, mainly because I think it's so relatable for me! I love gingerbread and I just think it's a lovely concept, plus I have to admit the Waitrose baking stuff is some of my favourite around. I think it's such a British thing to do and makes me feel a little nostalgic of my primary school days (maybe that's why I like it so much!). View it here!

2. Marks and Spencer always come up with beautiful Christmas ads and this years is no exception. An advert about fairies has certainly got my stamp of approval, and it made me smile from beginning to end; what's more the outfits in the adverts were lovely AND they used possibly one of the best songs ever! Watch it here.

1. Sainsbury's tops my list this year, simply because the concept is such a brilliant one. If you haven't seen it yet (why not?!), it is based around World War One and the Christmas truce they had on the front line playing football and singing Silent Night. I think it is cleverly linked and such a great idea to get the Royal British Legion involved as well. To view the advert, click here!

I love Christmas, and am super excited for the festive period so these adverts have certainly started getting me in the mood! I'm looking forward to seeing the ones from the BBC, What's your favourite one so far? Have a lovely rest of the week!
Becky xx


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