November Favourites

Oh my goodness, it's almost December, and therefore Christmas, lights and possibly even snow... but before we all get carried away by that thought, let's focus on the things I've been loving this month! (don't worry, December is going to me jam packed with Christmas related things, so look out!)


Camomile Cleansing Oil - The Body Shop

Having only bought this a couple of weeks back, see my haul here, I'm completely converted. It breaks down my make up in a matter of seconds, leaves my skin feeling super clean and has definitely helped my skin to become clearer and slowly get over the disaster it was having! It smells good, feels good and most of all works well for a mere £10... no wonder it gets so much hype.

Moisture Seal Conditioner - Charles Worthington Salon at Home (I have the travel sized but can't find it online)

Having given up on my cheap conditioner a while back, I thought I ought to try a new one and so the last time I was in Boots I headed to the hair section... and I got completely overwhelmed. Not wanting to spend a fortune, but looking for some good quality shiz, I opted for a brand I'd heard of, yet a product I knew nothing about (hence the travel size for now, although I will more than certainly going back for the full sized product!). I'm impressed. Now that I've chopped my hair off, I only need the smallest amount (think almost pea sized) to make my hair feel soft, nourished and far more manageable - these were results I experienced, even before I got rid of all my dead ends! 

Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick - Nude Perfection*

Oh boy, this beauty has almost not left my lips this month. Having originally thought this winter was going to be one full of my Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 107 (a deep berry red), I think I may have changed my mind. The perfect brown-nude, this reminds me so much of Kylie Jenner; however that's not the reason I love it so much. A smooth formula, that goes on matte (I hear these are a great dupe for the Nars pencils) that doesn't dry out the lips is always a winner, but what's even better is the fact it's only £4.99 - bargain!


Zara Scarf (similar here)

This beauty was part of one of my first ever blog posts, and although it's now over a year old, it's still one of my most beloved fashion items... ever! A hit with my friends as well, this scarf comes in handy to warm me up as it's so big, it plays a 2-in-1 role of a blanket - so much so it gets handed round at school when people have frees. Not only that, it's possibly the warmest thing to wear, and I find that sometimes I don't even need a coat, yet it looks good and goes with almost anything! I certainly have an ongoing love for it!

Snowflake Necklace - Estella Bartlett (I have last year's but this one is just a lovely!)

A perfect addition for the wintry months, and what a better way to do it than with a necklace. Estella Bartlett are on of my favourite jewellery brands as they've got loads of designs and are all extremely reasonable! I have to admit half of my wages go on these beauties in the shop I work in (the link above is them!) but I regret nothing!


Brownie In a Mug

One word: yummy! Possibly the best winter treat I've discovered recently, and I know my most recent post was on this, but it's just THE BOMB... click on the link above to find out more.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1

Go and see this film if you haven't already; tense, dramatic, and possibly one of the most anticipated films I've ever been to see. A must watch if you liked the other two, as this one is even better! The acting was even better than I expected (yes I was a little cynical about this in the first two!), and I like the characterisation of most of the main characters now... IMO, it's definitely worth seeing on the big screen!

Chalet Girl

One of my all time favourite films, I just loved snuggling down to watch this - not only does it remind of my friend Alice, but it got me in the mood for Snow (sorry, another Christmas reference again!) and for me is a good all-round RomCom. You also can't beat a good bit of Ed Westwick and Felicity Jones action!

I've loved this month as the transition to A/W finally felt real, although that does mean far colder weather! I hope you have a lovely weekend, I will see you on Monday for a new post - I will post why on my Instagram and Twitter soon so make sure you're following! 
Becky xx

*this was given to me as a gift for my birthday in October, however this doesn't affect my opinions on the product!


  1. I have that body shop cleansing oil, how much of it do you use to take your make up off with?xx

    1. I usually find that two pumps is enough, although if I've got a full face of make up on (say I've been out) I'll use maybe one more afterwards just to really get it all off! I love it though xx


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