Hair Temptation...

Recently I've been getting annoyed with my hair and it's endless knots! The thought of chopping it has been endlessly on my mind and despite a lot of fuss from my friends I think temptation may be getting the best of me...

Over the summer I completely ruined my hair in terms of dying it - from highlights to brunette with purple dip dye to a slightly red undertone I've probably used up my 'dye' allowance for the next year! Not only that, but the natural frizz had caused my hair to be sooooo annoying that often I give up half way through brushing it; I realise this probably isn't the best way to deal with it, but it sometimes gets to that point! 

I've thought of several solutions, but most are only temporary so I've been toying with a more permanent solution of hacking the whole lot off (okay, a slight exaggeration, but still!). I'd thought I'd show you a few photos that I've been using as inspiration from good ol' Pinterest - a lot are on my "hair" pinboard - that I recently started using and boy have I fallen in love! (Be sure to follow me @becanablog

As you can probably tell, I'm wanting an almost shoulder-length 'do! Featuring a number of beautiful hairstyles above, including that of  fellow blogger Alix from, I've pretty much got my heart set on going for the chop, although admittedly it's not quite as short as perhaps Anna's from

What do you think of the hairstyles above? I think it's always good to change up your look, and hair is a perfect way to do! Let me know and have a fab week! 
Becky xx

*none of the shown photographs/pictures belong to me*


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