Why make up?

A little different post from me today, and slightly inspired my Em's post over on her blog (www.mypaleskin.com). For my birthday I got some gorgeous gifts (hopefully my throat will be better so I can film them for you for Sunday!), but what struck me was the amount of make up I got, so I've I realised I should probably just do a post on the question I get the most "Why Make Up?"

A lot of people ask me why I "need" so much make up. They often say "Why do you need so many foundations when you can only wear one at any one time?" or "Surely it's just a waist of money that you're spending that much on a lipstick"... And to tell you the truth I was asking pretty similar questions around a year ago. But as my blog has grown, as I've been reading more people's blogs and as I've been snooping around the whole industry for the best products, I can tell you that there really isn't just one, sole answer.

I like several things about make up:

I like the fact that I can enhance my best features and correct those I don't like without making me 'fake' - I'm not against plastic surgery but I do think it should be a last resort.

I like the fact it gives me confidence - it covers up things I don't necessarily like (spots, redness etc) and makes me feel pretty and more feminine without taking away my natural features.

I like the fact I can create different looks through colour, finish and application. Be it natural dewy skin, bold lips, a smokey eye or simply accommodating your skin type; make up is very similar to the way different accessories can change an item clothing. 

I like the fact it allows me to relax: if it weren't here, I would definitely be struggling to maintain my blog. What's more I can fill my time with experimentation, which not only gives me a confidence boost, but also means I'm not constantly sat watching TV all of the time!

I have no make up days a lot of the time, which surprises people when I tell them I have a beauty blog: the times I do wear it, I often end up creating new looks every time, and really that's what my favourite thing about it is - it's a creative outlet for people to express their personality, and can even boost their self esteem, making them more confident and getting them to speak out more. This is what I think we should really be focusing on, not that make up is a 'waste of money' or 'making people materialistic'.

I understand the argument that make up allows girls to become too obsessive with their looks and enables them to look too much like other people, but with the increasing popularity of the online blogosphere, I think these "make up stereotypes" are slowly being dispersed. A good outlet for make up babble is the internet, and through the introduction of beauty bloggers and vloggers, I think make up is becoming ever more popular; although to some this may seem to be a negative, social media has also brought about campaigns such as the 'nomakeupselfie' and has allowed girls to understand how to get the best out of make up, without having a 'slag line' or scousebrow in sight, which I for one think is a god send... And girl, if covering up that one tiny scar makes you feel comfortable in your skin, go for it!

I didn't intend for this post to be a rant, and I definitely didn't realise how much of an opinion I had on the topic... What I need to make clear is that I don't get criticism for wearing make up or owning it, it's purely that a lot of the time people ask 'why make up?' when I tell them about my hobbies. You've just read my answer! 

Have a lovely week!
Becky xx


  1. Definitely agree with this, I love make up too! It makes me feel so much better about myself and much more confident!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Thank you, glad to know it's not just me! Definitely... I love non make up days, but they make applying make up even more fun!!


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