October Favourites 2014

Hello from Sunny Spain! Apologies for another late post I just haven't been as organised, or as motivated (I'm currently sunbathing by a pool) as I thought I would be! 

I thought I'd do my October favourites post today as I've loved quite a few things during this month, although very little is beauty/fashion. I thought I'd do it in categories, who knows this may be a regular monthly thing!


I can't start an October favourites without mentioning my birthday and all of my presents (see my video here on what I got!) I honestly still can't get over the amazingness of  everyone's gifts and there have been a lot of favourites from my them!

Beauty & Fashion

Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 107
This lipstick is always a winner this time of year, and I've been wearing it non stop to make my looks more autumnal - you will know this from my youtube GRWM video!

Primark blouse
I saw this beauty in Primark and fell in love, although I thought it was going to be one of their more expensive pieces... How I was wrong! £8 for this gorgeous blouse with raglan sleeves and lace detailing is honestly one the best bargains I've found in there, especially recently. 


Love, Rosie
This was such a good rom-com that truly played with my emotions. It's a rollercoaster ride from start to finish and although it's nothing 'new' in terms of the will they-won't they storyline, it's certainly a winner for a die-hard romantic comedy lover like myself!


Having not been to Nandos for about 5 months I was seriously craving a medium chicken wrap and their garlic bread, and I certainly wasn't disappointed! I definitely had to throw this in just because I got it for free as I'd saved up enough chillies: always a winner...


And finally, I can't be in Spain without it being one of my favourites. We've been super lucky with the weather so far; of course you can't go wrong with a bit of winter sun!

I hope you have a lovely week and enjoyed finding out what I've been loving this month! My next post will be up on Friday and hopefully a video will be up on Monday (a little different schedule I know, but who can blame me!)

Becky xx


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