Graeae: Spreading the Word

Hello, just a short post today, but something that really struck me.

We were visited today by a lovely lady called Jenny, who was deafened at the age of 7 when playing around with friends. Having talked very passionately about her theatre company ( for more information!) , we found out that she had not only directed the paralympics opening ceremony 2 years ago but has also made it onto the top 100 influential deaf or disabled people.

The fact she delivered such an inspirational, funny yet slightly ruthless speech made me want to jump with joy and I think the woman could have sold almost anything... yet she couldn't hear herself speak, which made it even more amazing. 

She proved to us that prejudice still exists, more than ever for those who are "unable" to do jobs like a non-disabled person. She requires a signer, sometimes 2 for more high profile, long meetings, yet the government are cutting her access time from 35 hours a week to 72 hours a month. Some of her artists at the theatre have been discriminated multiple times, and some of these stories were absolutely horrendous. She even had a show on last year, where nobody knew the actors were disabled until afterwards, and when asked if they'd come if they'd known before hand, the majority of the audience said no. It's a disgrace.

I realise we can't do much about the governmental side, but simply by spreading awareness, as Jenny is trying to do, will help a huge amount. In order for her to maintain her job, inspiring young actors daily and educating the world about disability, they need funding and this will only come through word of mouth. I haven't been asked to do this post, but I feel this needs action, therefore I ask if you could simply spread the word!

Have a lovely week,
Becky xx


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