Birthday Bucket List: 19 Things To Do Before I'm 19

As I sit here writing this, I'm full of excitement... you may think that it's slightly strange that I'm enjoying writing a post that much (you'd probably be right if it was the solely the reason), but it's not; IT'S MY 18TH BIRTHDAY TOMORROW AND I'M SO BLOOMING EXCITED!

I was planning on doing a birthday related post anyway; however I decided that, having read some amazingly funny and interesting bucket lists, what better time to do my own than the day before I become an adult. Here goes:

1. Take up a new hobby - I have had to stop doing a lot of things in the past year in order to make time for my studies, but I really miss doing something after school almost everyday. Having been made to finish explorer scouts on Monday (I'm simply too old!), I think I'm going to have far too much spare time on my hands and need to find something to fill it with.

2. Get good A level grades - a pathetic one, I know but work hard, play hard is certainly going to be my motto for the next year! 

3. Start University - it's crazy to think that this time next year most of my friends and I will have started our Uni courses. Having only sent my UCAS form off last week, it's slowly becoming more believable, but even so I know it's going to be a major step forward in life.

4. Go to New York - no matter how much persuasion this takes (I think I'm almost there!) I REALLY want to visit the concrete jungle where dreams are made of - I definitely think I'm related to Becky Bloomwood from "Confessions of a Shopaholic" in more ways than one!

5. Meet an idol - the chances of this actually happening are rather slim but I definitely think it should be on here! 

6. Go on a proper road trip - be it me driving, in the UK, abroad, with family, or friends this is one of my absolute musts and I'd love it if I got to do it before this time next year!

7. Get to know new people - I've decided I've loved getting to know new people, as the Sixth Form has allowed me to do, and I certainly think I'll do this once I'm at Uni. It would be even better if I could do meet as many as possible before I go though.

8. Become even more confident - through school, some things after school, my blog and now YouTube I feel like I'm growing in confidence and self esteem all the time. I'd love to be able to have a conversation with someone I don't really know with as much confidence as possible and without going an embarrassing tomato colour!

9. Be in a flash mob - this certainly relates to number 4 a little, but I've always loved the idea of being part of a flash mob, even if I'm not meant to be involved. If anyone knows how this could become a bigger reality, then let me know!

10. Try a new food - Over the past year, I think I've been pretty adventurous with my food choices, but I feel like I need to broaden my horizons even further (although, I'm not sure everyone can say they've tried goat before?)

11. Vote - As I'm turning 18 tomorrow, I will definitely be voting in the elections next year. A biggie for me as I'm interested in Economics and Politics, I think this is such an important thing to do!

12. Buy something designer - this may seem materialistic for some, but personally some designer things are SO beautiful and gorgeous (don't get me wrong, some are certainly not!) and I'd love to own something that special myself.

13. Buy a world map - I've always loved the ideas of a map that I can pinpoint on it where I've been. I'd have to also create a key with other markers of places that I'd like to go as well, as I think this would be a great way of visually seeing my SUPER HUGE list of my travel bucket list!

14. Improve my cooking skills - don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty alright cook and would definitely get by at University, but I really like the idea of knowing how to cook an amazing dish to a pretty decent standard. 

15. Overcome a challenge to the best of my ability - a pretty deep one, I know, but there's no doubt that there's going to be some challenges in the next year. I want to build up my strength and become an independent person, and I think this is certainly something that will help.

16. Start a positivity jar - My Mum received one of these for her birthday last year from one of her friends and I LOVE the idea. I have a feeling this will be one of the easier ones to do and I hope to start ASAP - keep your eyes peeled for a post on it!

17. Develop my blog and YouTube Channel - I hope that this time next year I will still be writing this; my one place where I can express my creativity for others, who I don't necessarily know, to see. I have enjoyed the past 9 months a lot and I can't wait for it to continue to grow!

18. Make a difference - there are quite a few things important to me in terms of charity, positivity and helping people; more importantly I now have a way to address these issues and spreading awareness and knowledge through my blog. In the next year I hope to use it to make a difference to at least one person!

19. Enjoy every minute - possibly the most cliche thing I've ever written in a post, but optimism has never been my strong point and this year I'm determined to work on it. They say that as you get older time goes by quicker and I realise that certainly is the case now!

So there you go... do you think I've missed anything out? What's on your bucket list?
Becky xx

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  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow! These sound like great goals, I particularly like the idea of the positivity jar- hope you manage to achieve most if not all of these :)
    Jennifer x


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