A little update...

Hiya guys, and apologies for a non existent post on Tuesday (as will be explained, life is a little hectic in the run up to half term, I feel like I'm drowning in deadlines and work!)

I thought I'd let you know what I was thinking of doing around here, as I realise that as I'm ever expanding, it's taking up a lot more time and I really want to get into a better schedule. I am thinking of doing one YouTube video every fortnight, as it seems to have fallen into that pattern and I think that currently, that is manageable for me to do. (I realise that this weeks was up on Monday, but that is due to the fact I haven't quite mastered the fact that uploading takes FOREVER!)

SO here's the deal:

I am going to keep blogging twice a week because I am absolutely loving the regularity (I'm such a saddo at heart!) on a Tuesday and Thursday, and then upload a video every other Sunday up on my YouTube channel - if you haven't already subscribed, just head on over to www.youtube.com/becanablog and witness my awful editing (I'm trying!).

Keep an eye out for another giveaway as I hit 10,000 views the other day and as soon as I hit 100 followers on Bloglovin' there will certainly be something for you guys to win! 

For now, half term is my main priority (!!); I feel so busy and chaotic so I can't wait for a bit of R + R time. I want to thank you, yes you, for your support, your frequent lovely comments and just to say I love you all... Have a lovely weekend (and if you're breaking up tomorrow, enjoy it!)
Becky xx


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