Weekend Trip to Brighton

Hello! I thought today I would share with you what my friends and I got up to last weekend as we went to Brighton for a night away... It was my friend Alice's 18th Birthday so my friend Hannah and I treated her to a trip there as her birthday present and I have to say it was such a lovely place to be. We stayed in the Jury's Inn which was right by the station and the staff were super lovely; especially a lovely Irish lady called Ann - they even let us leave our bags there for the day so we didn't have to lug them around with us after we had checked out. My highlights were certainly the food, the character and of course the company!

Meal #1 - Meat Liquor (website here)
This place was a recommendation from my boss who even reserved a table slot for us (which I'd certainly suggest doing as the place seemed rather popular!) - her description of the place was "grungy, dark and pretty trendy" and that it was! The food was yummy, the atmosphere was fun and the decor was just amazing. With the word "liquor" being shouted out from the bar everytime a drink was made, to eating off of a tray and your very own roll of kitchen roll this place oozed a "cool" vibe like no other place I'd been to. Plus, the food wasn't ridiculously expensive either, so that's a definite bonus!

We visited the outside of the Royal Brighton Pavilion and on the way we spotted some pretty amazing graffiti like these ones below! Before we got to the Pavilion we paid a quick trip to the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery which had a bit of everything in it so was perfect for us - the best parts were definitely the interior design and the fashion bits, although the rest was still worth a visit, especially as it is free admission!

After the Pavilion we went to the seafront and visited the Pier where we bought some Brighton Rock and enjoyed the amazing views... and of course I took a classic beach selfie! The two pictures of the Pier and beach from above were taken on my phone from the Big Wheel (which had previously been in South Africa and a couple of other countries!) which was quite enjoyable and gave us an amazing view of the town... this was possibly the most expensive thing we did all day other than what we spent on food, but it is certainly far cheaper than the London Eye!!

For Lunch we ventured into more of the town part and ended up in a quaint little cafe called The Manor; we opted for the light lunch (I had the mini quiche was super delicious) as we'd eaten a good sized breakfast. The scenery was great as we sat outside because the weather was so amazing - we were really lucky! After lunch we went to the AMAZING Bluebird Tea Co. shop where I had a gorgeous iced Strawberry Lemonade which actually contained a strawberry lemonade tea that they made! Even if you don't get anything, this place is certainly worth a visit because the staff were so kind, welcoming and really helpful - plus you get to smell some teas that are so obscure that you wouldn't even imagine it being a tea!

We treated ourselves to a cupcake from Catwalk Cakes - I had the salted caramel one, which was to die for - before venturing into the Lanes (and Tiger where I bought a storage box for my make up for £2!!) After that, it was time to venture back to the hotel for our bags, then we made a quick stop at Cafe Coho near the station and got a smoothie each which were a perfect way to end such a lovely trip.

I'd just like to thank Zoe's Vlogs (MoreZoella) for helping give us an idea of where we wanted to visit as it truly was a fab trip (haha!)... I'm also really thankful for everyone's support about my YouTube channel - if you haven't already go and see my first video here and don't forget to subscribe and give it a thumbs up!

Have a lovely rest of the week, see you on Thursday!
Becky xx


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