Spend or Save: Mascara

Hello! I'm back with another Spend or Save (read my first one here) for you today as I've tested out my Tarte Lights Camera Lashes that I picked up in my Sephora haul for long enough to give you a truly honest review: today we're looking at mascaras, one from Maybelline, the other Tarte. 

Spend - Tarte Lights Camera Flashes

I have to admit I'm not entirely sure what the difference is between this one and the Lights Camera Lashes version and I'm not sure what made me opt for this one, but this beauty made up one third of my Sephora haul from August. Having been super excited I tried this out the day I got it, and I noticed a few things that I think are quite important to mention... 1) This is VERY wet, and if like me you pretty much always end up sneezing just after you've done your mascara, then this is not a good thing; having said that, now that it's had about 3.5 weeks to dry up slightly, I'm getting on with this a lot more. 2) You don't need to curl your lashes to make a statement - I feel like this mascara is good for giving you various looks as it easy to apply it in several ways 3) Despite it having a plastic wand, this is some serious lash heaven! The only problem is that, due to its wetness, this isn't great for the bottom lashes as it does tend to clump... only time will tell if, as it continues to dry out, that it becomes suitable.

(excuse the mess of the packaging - the label was rather stubborn)

Save - Maybelline The Falsies

This wouldn't be a post about mascara without this beauty! It does the 3 things I think a mascara should do: volumises, lengthens and separates the lashes. I've also got the waterproof version which lasts all day on me and I don't have to worry about panda eyes... I realise I've written about this a fair bit, but I really do love it and I even got my mum into it! The flexibility is a massive plus, and although unlike the Tarte one, it's not as easy to create fluttery outer corners, this is far better for bottom lashes and in fact on several occasions I've reached for this as a "bottom lash" mascara when I'm using the high end one on my top lashes.

Other than the packaging front, I feel like the Falsies won this one as I'm always a sucker for drugstore mascaras: I think they're the best quality product to get from the drugstore. I felt like I should try a high end mascara, however I think I'm safe with sticking to the high street brands! 

I hope you have a good weekend, hopefully I'll manage to get a video up this weekend, although my head still looks terrible (I've had a make up free week, put it that way!). Let me know your favourite mascara in the comments!
Becky xx


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