Hello everyone! I'm currently super nervous as my first YouTube video has just gone up but I thought I would let my blog readers know (especially as I said it would be up yesterday!) I know the lighting is a little dodgy and I sound super nervous but I'm really glad  I did it, because the next time I think "if only I had a YouTube channel" I could actually create the video for you...

It's about my current favourites so go over to my YouTube channel here and watch it, and whilst your there make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe so you don't miss a video! From now on I'll hopefully get them up on a Sunday evening so remember to look out for them...

Have a great week, I will be posting again tomorrow and on Thursday so everything should return to normal! Thanks so much to everyone's support and here's to a much better 2nd video - the only way is up, right?! 

Becky xx


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