My favourite make up brushes

I've built up a hefty make up brush collection in the past 9 months, having got my Real Techniques Core collection for Christmas last year and I've realised that it's been almost always the same brushes I've been reaching for everyday... so here's my round up!


RT Buffing Brush - the classic beauty blogger favourite, this beauty makes applying foundation as quick and easy as well as leaving a lovely, natural finish... this one is a definite winner if you want to avoid foundation lines without the hassle of using a sponge (trust me, I definitely don't have the patience so end up with them anyway when I use something like a beauty blender!). Perfect for those of us who need to do make up in 10 minutes or less.

E.l.f Powder brush - This has saved me on multiple occasions from SULAs and general oily skin looks (that doesn't look good on ANYONE!), plus it's super quick to apply my powder! At such an affordable price, this certainly does the job well.

Body Shop paddle brush - This was my first ever make up brush and it's now around 3 years old, but boy am I glad I bought it. Originally I was using this with my foundation; however now a days I use it for concealer as it does a great job as pressing the product on to blemishes and is really good at blending it out under the eyes (see it in action here).


E.l.f Blush Brush - another brush from my e.l.f haul a while back now, and I haven't looked back since. This brush is the ideal shape and size for pretty much anything, but this works best with blushers and highlighters. A great multi tasking blush for your cheeks if you're on a budget!

RT contour brush - I love this brush! The shape of it is perfect to contour my cheeks with bronzer, add highlighter or just generally bronze up my face... I've also seen people use this to buff out concealer, although I haven't personally tried that. It gives a natural finish to my cheeks so that I can enhance (in other words, give the illusion I actually have any)  my cheekbones.


Bobbi Brown - Cream shadow, eye shader and eye contour. I must confess something rather obscure to you: these are knock-off brushes, however they are the best in the set I got, and it was certainly worth the risk because I gained at least 3 good eyeshadow brushes from it. Now, the only one I can actually find on the proper Bobbi Brown site is the cream shadow brush, which is in fact my favourite of the bunch; the other two are definitely not around anymore. Despite this, I think the blending brush and the eyeshadow brushes would make good alternatives... and having tried actual Bobbi Brown brushes out, too, they are seriously high quality and lovely!

RT detailer brush - the perfect size for lining the eyes with eyeshadow, this brush has become a staple for me as I've leant away from the liquid liner for a while. Possibly the easiest way to apply eyeshadow under my eyes, this brush enables me to create several different looks by lining my eyes  packing on shadow or even easily creating a cut crease!

Buy the brushes here:
Real Techniques Core Collection -
Bobbi Brown Cream shadow -
e.l.f powder brush -
e.l.f blusher brush -

I love this kind of post, so I hope you've enjoyed reading my recommendations. I'm still on the hunt for my perfect blending brush, so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to comment below! Have a lovely week!
Becky xx


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