Budget Beauty: Cohorted

Cohorted have made themselves well known in the Blogosphere since the beginning of the year, but I've never really seen myself wanting to buy anything off their website. But when I got an email the other day that they would be selling both the Urban Decay 24/7 velvet eyeliner in black and their new mascara/primer set I almost jumped for joy. 

For those of you that don't know, Cohorted is a website that sell 4 products each week; the more people that join the cohort, the higher the discount and therefore the less you have to pay. Some of the ones I've wanted to join before have either had not that great a discount or have sold out with in 15 minutes or so, however for both of these the maximum discount was around 50%... absolute bargain! 

The products came boxed up in shredded paper and wrapped in cute tissue paper which made me love the concept even more! I couldn't wait to try both products, and I have to say: I'm rather impressed. These will probably feature at a later date, but from first impressions they both seem long wearing, easy to use and overall excellent quality. The eyeliner lasted the entirety of a Saturday night out and the mascara and primer (there's something very odd about putting white mascara-like products on your eyelashes!) certainly work wonders.

I ended up paying around £15 for both products so I basically got the Mascara combo for free, which I'm so happy about. From my experience, I'd certainly recommend the site to anyone - not only do the company seem really lovely, they are very efficient and you can still get a refund within 7 days. What's more, you get great (sometimes very expensive) products for a far cheaper price, which is great for anyone - especially those on a budget! 

I hope you have a lovely week...
Becky xx


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