Afternoon Tea at Harvey Nichols

WARNING: do not read if your stomach is sensitive to photos of mini delicious goods!

Oh boy, writing this post whilst looking back at these pictures makes me want to gobble up these goodies all over again! From head to toe Harvey Nics in Leeds was my haven... I was in the city for a uni visit (which was in fact rather successful!), and when my Mum suggested we took a visit to the department store, I jumped at the chance.

If you're up in Leeds at any point take a visit to this shopper's dream, because boy is there something for everyone (although it did leave me feeling sad and upset that I couldn't take everything with me)... but even if you are like me and cannot to afford even 1/4 of something that is in there, then it's still worth a visit purely for its afternoon tea. The staff are lovely and welcoming and I was so impressed with the service: they even ask you for any allergies you may have and the selection of tea was pretty astounding!

We opted for the Champagne version, because let's face it, it was only £10 more for the both of us and neither of us were driving so why not?! I think that it's pretty good value for what you got: £49 for 2 people with a gorgeous selection of mini sandwiches, cakes and of course the almighty scone. Take a scroll through these pictures and you'll want to book the next train to Leeds with your best friend, mum or anyone you want to treat, and boy would I recommend it.

Yummy sandwiches - egg mayonnaise; salmon and cream cheese; ham, mustard and chutney.

Mini Vanilla Panna Cotta with peach puree and hidden raspberries

Mini chocolate gateaux with blackcurrant, strawberry and lemon buttercream -  the layers tasted gorgeous all together, not so great by themselves!
Mini orange meringue with pistachio buttercream - my favourite of the lot!

And of course a fruit scone with clotted cream and jam! 

As you can probably tell, I had a lovely time and would definitely suggest this to anyone if you're heading to Leeds. I hope you're not too hungry now! Have a lovely rest of the week, see you back here on Thursday!
Becky xx


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