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As the big 1-8 is looming (well it's in October but there's nothing like being organised), I've started thinking a lot about things I would like to own... now I'm not saying I expect any of the following, but having admired these from a far I thought I'd put them in a blog post: that way I can get any opinions that are out there (if you have one about any of the products below, I'd love to hear them!), plus I seem to always lose lists, so I can document it on the world wide web and be safe with my pretty rubbish memory! If you haven't already, take a look at my drug store wishlist here - a lot more affordable!

Tarte lights camera lashes mascara
Too faced Neutral eyes palette
Benefit gimme brow in medium/dark
Benefit It's potent eye cream

There are also a few MAC products I would like (okay far more than a few - enough for a blog post, put it that way!), but I'll save them for another day because let's face it, this is already a rather expensive post! 

I've been slowly getting together a new blog design, which is why I haven't posted this week - plus I've been busy fretting about my results that came out earlier this morning! Have a lovely rest of the week and a lovely weekend - I'm sure you'll get a post next week about V fest!! 

Becky xx

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Photos are taken from relevant websites for each product


  1. The Too Faced palette looks gorgeous, also I love the package of the most Too Faced palettes, they look so cute! *-*
    Also I loved your new blog design, specially the colours! ;) xx

    1. It does - I think it may be top of the priorities! Thank you so much, I can't stop looking at it xx


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