What a lovely lady Penny (you may know her from lilliesandlove.co.uk) is... plus she's a bloomin' brave and rather clever person! I'm not sure I would have the balls motivation to start a hash tag, yet alone one about body image. This is a rather personal issue that pretty much everyone meets at least once in their life, and for me it's been quite a prominent part of my life: I've always wanted to write about it, but I've never really been sure how to, so this seemed like a good way to start.
As part of the "campaign" I have to write a #bodyUNashamed blog post, highlighting three things about another person taking part (I was assigned @lifesacatwalk86) that you think are great and then I need to write 3 things I like about myself... this isn't necessarily easy for anyone to do, particularly us British folk who are renowned for being too modest; however I think doing this is quite important so that people find it easier to focus on their good bits and be more positive. 
So here goes...
Having read through Gemma's tweets (I'm not a stalker, promise!) I also visited her website - http://lifesacatwalk.com/ -  and came across quite a few things that seemed really lovely about her, and so I realised listing only 3 things was going to be rather difficult, but this is what I came up with:

1. She has amazing fashion sense -  half of her pictures on twitter almost got me drooling over the stunning shoes, jewellery or clothes! 
2. Her hair is absolutely stunning: I wish I could pull off a full fringe as well as she does!
3. She's a fabulously talented writer, and I'm rather envious of the fact she makes a living about writing about fashion!

And here's the 3 about me...

1. I love my freckles - or as one of my mum's friends (whilst incredibly drunk) once said "beauty spots, and you have quite a few, which explains why you're beautiful"... favourite drunk quote ever (ha!)2. I really like my hair, too, especially at the moment - if you somehow missed it, I have purple dip dyed hair! It's at my dream length as well and I can do almost anything with it so I love it!3. I like my sense of humour, although often I am the only one to laugh at my own jokes, I am often told I'm quite upbeat  (though, I know I can sometimes be rather pessimistic!) and I do get a kick out of making people laugh!

Wow, this post got quite serious, but then when you tackle something like body image I suppose that's exactly what you need! I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about my stance on it and that you take something from, not only this post, but from the campaign. you can get involved, as well, by tagging anything you think is relevant with #bodyUNashamed on any social media, taking a stance against the media or even just spreading the love and complimenting friends, family or even random strangers!

Have a good rest of the weekend!Becky xx


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