4.5 ways to wear a bandana

Having lacked the wifi speed to upload a few photos, this post is a little delayed and doesn't have the exact pictures I wanted - selfies will have to do - but I thought I'd write about a few ways I've been enjoying wearing my latest hair accessory purchase. I bought this Bandana for V festival (see how I did my make up here) from Claire's Accessories for around £4 (you get student discount there, which was a bonus!) and was exactly what I was looking for: I went for a navy, paisley print scarf as I thought it was a little more universal than something like red. 

LOOK 1 - Headband
Seriously the simplest and easiest thing to do with a scarf - plus it looks a little less "childish" than a normal headband even when you want to get your hair completely out of your face. The easiest way I've found to do this is by tipping your hair over your head and tying it in a double knot that way... it also looks a little better with the bow to the side (sometimes I tuck the "bow" bit under so it just looks like a knot).

LOOK 2 - Plaits
I think this look would be ideal for a festival as well, as your hair is out your face, but by adding the bandana you add a little "boho" and don't look too "young". I pull the hair around the crown above the bandana to give it a bit more volume and pull the plaits out to give a more messy look.

LOOK 3 - Pin Up Quiff
This has a definite 60's vibe to it, which is why I love pairing it with winged eye liner! I just created a quiff by taking the front middle section of my hair, pulling it back, twisting and then pushing it back forward to give the untwisted part some volume. I then just cover the bobby pins with the bandana and tie in a double knot. 

LOOK 4 - Bun
This is the look I wore to V on day 1 and I adore how this looks. You could also wear this with a skirt or dress for more of a 60's vibe! I just did my bun first, by tipping my hair over my head to create some volume and just twisting and placing in a bun shape on the top of the back of my head.

LOOK 4.5 - Ponytail
I thought this didn't really count as a completely new look because it basically is like #1, but instead of a bun, I like to wear it in a pony tail. This also looks even better when the ponytail has a bit of volume from plaiting it!

I hope you've had a good weekend, and that the beginning of your week is good! (Plus for those who are having one, enjoy your bank holiday!) 
Becky xx


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