My new hair

Hello! As I write this, I'm still getting used to looking down and seeing purple hair, so I thought I would share with you some details about my new hair - which is, I have to admit, been a long time coming! 

As I mentioned in my "Hairvolution" post (click here to read all about it!) I dip dyed my hair 2 years ago, and although I loved it, it wasn't exactly what I wanted.... My friend on the other hand got my dream hairstyle of lilac tresses! So now, here we are and I've finally gone and done it.

Here's a couple of before pictures: as you can probably see, my roots were pretty horrendous so there wasn't really a better time than the present to finally rectify the situation!

And now an after... A dramatic difference, and as I said I'm still getting used to it! In the end (it took around 4 hours because we started experimenting!) she mixed violet, lilac and pink dyes together; this led to a multitoned purple effect which I really like! 
I'm seriously in love with the outcome and so if anyone has any more questions about the process, either leave a comment, tweet me (@becky_lee96), comment on my Facebook page (click here) or use Instagram (@becanablog). I hope you have a lovely weekend and I'll keep you posted on my hair!

Becky xx


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