Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner review

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I decided I needed this eye liner as soon as it was announced as it seemed so amazing, particularly as I'm not that great at applying eye liner, but I still wanted to get into the gel stuff because I always think it looks better than a felt tip (like my trusty Collection 2000 24 hour one!). The Benefit PR statements seemed too good to be true: "It’s the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner." Plus everyone that had managed to get the pen before release seem to rave about it and say how easy it was to use, which is perfect for me as I'm a beginner when it comes to this sort of thing!

I managed again to get this from America so it worked out to be around £14; a little saving on that part (in the UK it retails for £18.50). As soon as it got delivered to me by my Mum's friend, I opened it up and started playing. First impressions? AH-MAZ-ING.
For a complete eye liner noob, this is the perfect product. It gives a great matte black finish that define your eyes ideally: not only is it lash hugging, it's really buildable so you can get your desired look really easily. Creating a cat eye is also pretty easy, although I think I still need to practice on it; however this is making it much more accessible for someone like me to as it doesn't drag or crease, plus the tip is super soft and really flexible adding to its amazingness!

Just like the mascara, this is pretty hard to get off, which is a pretty good thing as it very long lasting; however I wouldn't suggest something like eye make up remover or face wipes as this will just pull your skin and hurt (trust me, I speak from experience). I found that the best way to get it off my face was to break it down by using a balm like product such as the Suti Purity balm that I got in my LMB May subscription box (or Vaseline) and rub this all over my lid in circular motions; after making yourself look like a panda, just wipe away the residue with a cotton pad with a little cleanser on and voila!
And now for the negatives... I wouldn't recommend this if you're a total pro: from what I've read, this is a bit too "easy" and doesn't give as neat a line as you could get from a brush (mine still comes out slightly wobbly, though it is less noticeable). Also, I have read some reviews that it does imprint on your top lid as the day goes on: I didn't know where this had come from until I wore the liner a bit thicker the other day, so it had more of a chance of stamping a replica on my top lid, and it did slightly. Finally, the price. Of course, as it's a Benefit product it's a little more pricey and I'm not sure I'd be able to repurchase this on a regular basis, so for now I may just use this for special occasions.

Despite my small criticisms, if you're looking for a highly pigmented black eyeliner, that's easy to use and gives good results, then this product is ideal for you!

I hope you have a lovely rest of the week! P.S if you haven't already, check out my MAC eyeshadow competition here...

Becky xx

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