May Favourites

People warned me that time would go quickly as soon as I started sixth form, but I never really believed them... but oh how wrong I was -  how on earth are we half way through 2014?!

I haven't really been wearing make up this month due to exams (only on weekends for work or if I've been going out), so my skin detox, as I mentioned I would do in my exams post here, has been going quite well! However, thanks to all the stress, my skin has definitely been worse over the past month, and although it may not look too bad to others, I'm not one to get millions of spots, and so to me, they're a big deal.

I'm pretty surprised my face doesn't look like one massive volcano (it certainly has felt like it), but I think rediscovering my Liz Earle skincare has kept a few massive break outs at bay. I absolutely love the toner, and I'm glad I found it, as after trying the Decleor one, which featured in my January favourites post, I've been desperate for another toner. The Cleanse and Polish is also lovely: it smells amazing and my skin certainly feels clean after I've used it, but personally I think it's too harsh for my skin to use twice a day as recommended, so I have been liking using it in the evenings and just the toner in the mornings.

As I mentioned, I haven't really been wearing make up this month, but my boss gave me her unused Benefit "Cabana glam" set last Saturday, and since then I've fallen in love with it; it's perfect for the summer! The two products inside that I feel are key to the set is the Hoola and the Lollitint, both of which I think live up to the hype.

I've been on the look out for a statement necklace for a long time, but never found one that I particularly liked: I'm not really a rhinestone/crystal gem kind of girl, so when I found this Topshop necklace I was over the moon (although I did have to keep going into the shop to make sure I liked it before I actually bought it!). It's not only perfectly colourful and neon, but it also features pearls and only a few, larger crystal-like components (less tacky-looking in my opinion). For £14.50, I think I may have found my perfect statement piece of jewellery! 

Finally, I have two viewable favourites. The first is the film "The Other Woman": I always find that I either go to the cinema all at once or I have a complete lack of lust to go, however at the moment I've been quite regularly. I've seen the new X-men film (I previously haven't seen any of the films, but a quick Google beforehand and I really enjoyed it!), Bad Neighbours, which I didn't particularly love and The Other Woman, which I have been craving the need to see again since I saw it a couple of weeks back. It's the perfect chick flick, super funny and what's more, Cameron Diaz looks absolutely amazing in it!

The other viewable favourite this month is Sherlock. I know I'm a bit late to the game (okay, very late!) but having had an embarrassingly large obsession with Jude Law, I thought the TV series would spoil the film and Robert Downey Jr would always be the best Sherlock Holmes, no matter how many people said I HAD to see Benedict Cumberbatch in action. But thank goodness my mum felt the need to order the box set, because I'm now hooked having watched 8 episodes in the past few days... so if like me, you haven't got round to watching it yet, I encourage you to do so!

I hope you have a lovely rest of the week, I can't wait until exams are over!
Becky xx


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