Hair care routine

Hello, sorry for such a long wait for a post! Today I thought I'd share with you my hair care routine at the moment, as I always love reading other peoples and discovering new hair products: they do say you should write about what you love, so y'know, here goes! 

I don't wash my hair too often, mainly because I used to wash it far too much, but also that I'm lucky that my hair doesn't go really greasy if I leave it for about 4 days (plus I am super lazy!)...

First of all I use my Dove Intensive Repair shampoo that I picked up on Zoe's recommendation (Zoella) and I absolutely adore: I do feel my hair has become a lot healthier and a lot more manageable! 

I then use the KMS "Volume Boost conditioner", although I am on the hunt for a better one at the moment!) and unfortunately I don't have a picture as we've just finished it  and I think they may have discontinued it. (Typical, eh?!)

I usually wash hair first in the shower and leave the conditioner on whilst wash my body, face etc etc. so it's probably left on for a good 3-5 minutes! After I get out of the shower I pat my hair dry, then spritz (I never realised it looked so odd written until now!) a generous amount of this Moroccan Argan Oil spray by Organix, which I would seriously recommend, onto my towel-dried hair then using a damp brush (mine is similar to a tangle teaser, but I'm not sure which brand it is... sorry!), I start to attempt to detangle my hair... I usually brush it with my hair over my head first so I can really get at the knots underneath first, as I have struggled with a few major bundles of knotted hair at the back of my head!

If I have time I usually just air dry my hair or plait it (I'm going crazy for plaits at the moment!!)... If not I'll blow dry it by adding some Kerastase "Ciment Thermique" heat protectant serum/creme hybrid to damp hair... And Bob's your uncle: you have gorgeous shiny and voluminous hair without having to worry about the heat damaging it! 

I hope you have a good week... I was back to school yesterday (although I still have 3 exams!) so am a little tired (understatement of the century, haha!).

Becky xx


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