Love Me Beauty Box | May

Hello! Here we are again with my second LMB box (see my March box here)... I decided not to opt for the April box as I didn't really take to any of them, plus I need to stop spending money!!

The last post went down well, so I thought I'd share with you what I got this month, and at coming in at almost £30, this month's should be pretty exciting!

First of all are these gorgeous notebooks from GO stationery. I got them in "Meadow Bird" and they're the perfect size for a handbag, which is particularly useful to me, as if I don't write it down, I am more than likely to forget! These retail at £5, which I don't think is too horrendous as you get 3 and I think these will be super useful: they're also perfect for spring/summer!

Next I got 3 tea pigs teabags in the flavour "Superfruit". I adore Teapigs anyway and so I have high hopes for these as their flavours are usually really yummy and definitely don't taste like slightly flavoured warm water, as some herbal teas do. These retail at 65p per tea bag, which although is pretty pricey, I couldn't recommend this brand enough if you want to treat yourself to a good cuppa!

I also received the Suti trial pack (RRP is £6.50), in which I got their "Cleanse balm", "Purity balm" and "Fabulous Foot balm". I'm excited to try these as although I haven't heard of the brand before (which is why a subscription box is great to discover new brands!), Suti make some high claims about the products.

Finally I got the Raw Skincare natural lip balm in "Rescue Me" (£1.98) and the Nail Girls nail polish in Nude Pink (£13.50). I'm OBSESSED with lip balm so I'm looking forward to trying this, particularly as they say it "will form a protective barrier to allow your skin's natural healing process to restore and revitalise your lips", so fingers crossed! What sort of girl wouldn't get excited about a nail polish that is a perfect muted hot pink (although I wouldn't necessarily call it nude!): I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing this constantly throughout the summer months!

I hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend enjoying the sun! 

Becky xx


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