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Hello! On Sunday, I went to an afternoon tea for the surprise birthday party of my friend's mum at Wivenhoe House: it's been a long time coming, and was lovely! Despite the success of the actual party (surprise and all!), the success of finding a dress was polar opposite; I could not for the life of me come across a suitable dresss that I liked.

Having decided I'd like a summery number, I ordered/tried on several dresses (most of which were pastel!)... but none seemed to fit the bill. My mum and I spent a very tense afternoon last Thursday trying on what it seemed like every dress in Chelmsford, mum becoming increasingly frustrated and me becoming more and more upset (it was one of those days where the ones you did like weren't in your size and the ones that were in your size, you don't like!) and both of us not hiding these emotions probably worsened the situation further... 

When we got home, I decided I'd look online, particularly New Look (as we hadn't had a chance to get there beforehand) and, and thank goodness I had. Luckily I'd found and ordered 3 dresses within half an hour, even more luckily boohoo had a deal on that their next day delivery was only £1.99!

So here was is what I went with on the day... a gorgeous white dress from boohoo that made me feel a little bit goddess-like. What's even better is the fact it reminds me Marilyn Monroe and THE dress. As my brother said, why did I not opt for a Red lip?!

//Dress - boohoo// Shoes - Marks & Spencer// Earrings and rings -
Pandora// Necklace - Tiffany & co// Nail varnish - Pink chiffon by Sensationail// Sunglasses - Forever 21//
I kept my make up fairly understated as both the dress and shoes were fairly 'busy'. I got so many compliments about them both, but I'm super duper impressed with the speed at which both parcels came (you'll know I was impressed particularly with boohoo if you follow me on twitter - @becky_lee96), especially as I ordered after 6pm and they both had arrived by 3pm the next day!
I hope you have a lovely rest of the week. Sorry for the messed up schedule for the past two posts! 

Becky xx

P.S. sorry for my slightly burnt arms...


  1. I love your dress, these kind of dresses are so so perfect for summer! Thank you so much for linking it! Glad the surprise went well too! :) x
    | Life as a Petite |
    Bloglovin ♥

  2. Thank you, I'm so glad I found one! Yes, it went really well and was so much fun, haha! X


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