A lot can change in a year

Hello everyone! Just a quick one for you today and it's another exams related post... see my revision/exam tips here

As it's exactly 364 days since I left for study leave before my GCSEs last year and today marks the start of this years exam period, it made me think how much has changed since then!

Not only have I been to some pretty incredible places, had a lot of amazing experiences and got to know loads of new people along the way, I also realise how much I've grown as a person, but most importantly: how SCARY the future looks... Last year seems like yesterday and so I'm worried how quickly my final year at school is going to fly by! (sorry for the cliché remark!)

A summer full of exams, the beginning of A2, uni visits, UCAS forms, writing personal statement and much much more, it's easy to forget what's really important. I just wanted to write this down for myself so I had written it somewhere, and it may help any one of you in someway, that I don't need to stress all the time and that sometimes change can be a good thing!! 

(Please note how much smaller I am in comparison to my friends - that, for one, has not changed!)
As the saying goes, the older you get, the quicker time seems to pass: and for once, I have to completely agree!

If you're doing any form of exam, be it for school, work or something completely random: good luck - and I promise I'll try and blog as much as possible during study leave! ☺️

Becky xx

P.S if you enjoy reading my blog, please nominate me for a cosmopolitan magazine award for best newcomer, best new beauty blog or best new fashion blog here (take your pick, haha!). If you've already done this, I really do mean it when I say THANK YOU (and sorry if this seems like I'm shoving it down your throats... ooh err!) xx


  1. I know exactly what you mean about time going too quickly! It's actually really scary!! xxxx


    1. Definitely! Makes you realise you can't waste any second haha! xxxx


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