It's all about you...

Oh my word, if you have already seen my excited tweets after last night, you'll know how bloomin' fantastic McBusted were last night! 

Full of nostalgia, my Brother and I had been waiting for this day for several years... and we weren't disappointed! Busted was "our childhood band" and we were distraught the day we found out that they were breaking up: as my brother said last night it, "it was good to get a little bit of our past back!"

The show was full of lights, pyrotechnics, some amazing stage props and a little sprinkling of "boy humour" - the words cock, poo and farts (in fact Dougie did a burp half way through "All about you") were often mentioned! What's more, you could tell they were really enjoying themselves, and it was definitely infectious: I always say that it's a good gig when most people who are seated, practically everyone yesterday, are on their feet! 

Without giving too much away, you could tell the boys had also had a lot of input into the behind the scenes of the show: be it through the videos during the breaks or the staging, it was all pretty impressive.

Whether you're a McBusted, Mcfly or Busted fan or not, if you're going to a show, you're going to love it... If you weren't so fortunate but still want to experience it, fear not because apparently there will be a DVD, and GUESS WHAT?! I'll be on it, because apparently they filmed last night... and I must say (again, oops) it was flipping amazing!!

Have a good rest of the weekend, apologies for not really sticking to my "schedule" recently, I think for the next couple of months it's going to be hectic! 

Becky xx


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