In the past 17 years my hair has gone through a few changes, both naturally and through the wonders of hair dye! I've seen a few people do this post and as I'm super nosey, I enjoy reading them so I thought I'd do it for you, too!

As a young Becky, I had almost bleach blonde hair, which everyone found slightly odd as from about the age of 9 it's been pretty dark brunette (though apparently it's genetic, because my cousins had the same thing!) 

In the summer of 2012 I finally persuaded my mum to let me dip dye my hair (just as everyone was doing it!), but it didn't last much longer as my school didn't think it was suitable... So I had to have it all chopped off!

In the February of last year I got highlights having decided they would suit me because I had naturally had blonde hair when I was younger. 

After the summer though (they had gone super blonde from the sun in Mongolia!!), I decided to grow them out and finally they are beginning to look more like ombré than just roots... The highlights have caused so much dryness to my hair and I've never had so many knots! 

In the future, who knows! Here's some of my 'hairspiration' that I have on my phone (as does everyone, I'm sure!)...

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!
Becky xx


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