Gianmarco Lorenzi Relaunch | 10/4/2014

Hello lovelies, if like me you've had a bit of a boring day full of revising, you'll understand my need for writing this blog post (with Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging playing in the background!).

The other day I attended my first blogger event with my friend Lauren, who hopefully will feature more on the blog, and who I got to take most of the photos for this as I was silly and didn't charge my phone before we left, so I didn't have enough battery (rookie mistake, I know!)

We went to the relaunch of Gianmarco Lorenzi, a shoe brand who say "Each Gianmarco Lorenzi shoe is a true masterpiece, a synthesis of uniqueness, class, and sensuality."

The shoes were absolutely divine (if I could, I would have all the shoes in the world) and I wanted most of them: what's more Beyoncé even wore this pair to the Brits!

Here are some of my favourite shoes from the launch, but at at least £360 a pop, I'm not sure I'll be buying any of them any time soon...

The shop was lovely, too and so were the cute little cupcakes (unfortunately we weren't allowed a strawberry mojito as we're under 18!)... It was nice to see some other bloggers as well, and I can't wait for other events in the future!

What are your favourite pair? Have a lovely rest of the week!
Becky xx


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