Exam/revision essentials

With only 2 weeks until my first exam (general studies, thank the lord!!), and as we're terribly, scarily close to the exam season for everyone (mocks, GCSEs, AS/A2, Uni etc etc) I thought I'd share with you my favourite exam essentials, advice and tips (just saying I'm only 17, I'm obviously not an expert!).

Now firstly, I really shouldn't be procrastinating by writing a blog post, and should be revising, but hey ho, I'm here, you're reading (and probably procrastinating,too) and you know, we're doing something related to exams.... right?! (sorry Mum!!!)

Number 1 on the list is a revision timetable... I made the mistake of spending far too long on this for my mocks in year 10 (I'm not really sure why I needed one then, but you know, the organisation looks good!), so for this year and last year, I printed off a empty calendar, wrote in one colour when my exams are, grabbed another pen and I was off. I try to give myself a bit of variety, my attention span is so minute I need to keep it slightly interesting, well as interesting as revision can be.

Numero dos is grabbing your favourite mug/cup/bottle/whatever you use to drink out of, and fill it with your favourite drink. I have this gorgeous (and huge, ideal!) mug from Cath Kidston that is the "revision mug" in my house for tea, hot chocolate and quite rarely a coffee. Other than that I enjoy a bit of summer fruits squash by Robinsons or if I'm really going all out, some juice/smoothie. Although I love a cheeky coke/lemonade, I find that it doesn't hydrate me (and as my Geography teacher once told me, it's been proven you do 25% better if you're hydrated before/during your exam, which may just be a placebo thing, but he's rather intelligent and I like to make those sorts of things my motivation to actually drink enough!).

Number 3 is definitely a notebook/pad of paper, sticky notes and a large stash of pens, highlighters etc. I think it's really important to find out how best you revise and I've found that sticky notes on my wardrobe full of formulas, writing out important things onto paper, concising them down onto sticky note size and genuinely a whole lot of colour really works for me. 

4th on my list is being prepared is key. I'm about to sort out my exam pencil case - enough pens, pencils, highlighters, rubbers, a ruler, maths equipment, calculator etc. I don't think I even have an actual pencil case: a sandwich bag works perfectly as it's see through and fits all my bits and bobs in, including a 30cm ruler! I'd suggest just buying bulk loads of pencils and pens, because they're a bit like bobby pins: continuously disappearing!!

My 5th top tip is to find a way of relaxing, be it watching the whole Friends box set (guilty), listening to music (guilty), sunbathing (a rare occasion, but still guilty) or even meditation (I'm loving Take 10 - headspace at the moment). A teenager's gotta do what a teenager's gotta do...plus the way I see it "work hard, play hard" is possibly the best motivation during exams and I think you've got to figure out a balance.

And finally, stock up on hairbands, bobby pins etc (I play around with my hair, ponytails, messy buns, fishtails, french plaits - anything to keep it off my face, but still doesn't look too horrific!), keep your skin and lips moisturised and have several no make up days: I find this is the perfect time to have a skin 'detox!'

I hope this has helped just one person (I got this idea from a couple of younger people I know asking me about revision, so I thought I'd do a post about it)! Leave a comment of your top advice etc. because after all, sharing is caring!
Have a great week!
Becky xx


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