Spring Fashion haul

Hello again! I hope the start to your week is better than mine, I woke up today feeling absolutely awful and I can't even console myself by eating chocolate or sweets *cries quietly in the corner*. As promised, here is my other half of my Spring haul. 

There's been a lot of discussions about haul videos/posts recently flying around; this is isn't in anyway me bragging about what I've bought- personally I love hauls as it gives me so much inspiration as to what to buy/look out for the next time I go shopping and I try and do posts of things that I would like to read myself!

Any who, onto the bits and bobs....

Firstly is the last item of my "American haul" which is this gorgeous purse from Fossil; as I've said to A LOT of people, it is now my new baby! I love this to pieces and the colour is literally my favourite colour for accessories at the moment -  it matches my phone case perfectly! You can also get this in the UK but it was cheaper by just under £20 from the US; every penny saved is a bargain in my eyes! 

Then I had a shopping treat in Topshop for jewellery from their sale a couple of weeks back as a "present" to myself for passing my driving test. Both the necklace and the rings came to £7, which was less than the pack of 4 rings was meant to be! (Yes, I know there's only 3 rings in the pictures, I couldn't find the other one for the photo. It's basically the same as the other gold one but just a midi ring version)

I then had an online shopping spree for these two things in almost the same colour; a Topshop top and ASOS bag. I loved the top in the mint green too, but as I went to pay, it refused because it was out of stock :( However, I adore this powder blue colour and cannot wait until it's warm enough to wear it! The bag has already been used numerous times, yet it only arrived last Tuesday.


Have you bought anything for S/S recently? I always love a good haul post, but I want to know what you think! 

Have a good rest of the week ~ until Friday!
Becky xx


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