Love Me Beauty Box | March

For those who follow me on twitter (if you don't, why not?! haha), then you'll know I got home from work on Saturday to a lovely present... My first "Love Me Beauty" box! I've been deliberating about getting a beauty box for a long time (I think blogging is bad for my bank account) and when I saw another beauty blogger finally decide to go for Love Me Beauty, I thought I'd check them out.

You basically subscribe to them for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year (you can get bigger discounts the more months in advance you pay); I just opted for one to see what it's like! You can then choose from 3 different menus (all the same price of £12.95), each with slightly different products in, to order. 

I chose menu 1 as the products seemed to be ideal for me, which were....

50g sample size of Quintessentially English Bath salts in "English Rose" 

I always love bath products and get a bit bored with some of the lush bits and pieces, so I will test these out and see! 

 Full size Nip+Fab CC Eye Fix 

This looks like such a positive product as recently I've been getting really bad dark circles, and although I love the collection 2000 concealer, I hope this won't crease as much!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company false lashes in "Gracie" 

I've not really got into wearing false lashes, but these look like lovely quality and a natural finish (yes I did google the outcome), so these may well convert me!

Blanx 15ml Sample size White Shock toothpaste

I'm always on the look out for whitening toothpaste, and although I haven't tried it yet, the packaging makes some rather adventurous claims so I have high hopes for this!

Deep Steep Moisture stick in Honeydew - Spearmint
According to the leaflet I was meant to get the Lavender Chamomile flavour, however I'm glad I got this one as I have a thing for honeydew at the moment, and anything that makes my lips tingle is always a good thing! This is the only thing I have used so far, and although I find it a little oily for my skin, it makes a great lip balm and lasts for ages!

Murad 75ml Sample Sheer Lustre Day Moisturiser
Having previously stolen my Mum's murad skincare products, I really like their products, so I look forward to trying this. However, I must say, I'm not sure I'll ever buy the full size product at £64, no matter how much I like this sample!!

Overall the products came up to around £30 (yes I did calculations to work out how much the samplers were worth!) so for £13, I think it's pretty impressive!

What do you think of beauty boxes? I definitely think I'll try this company again, especially as I mucked up ordering and they got back to me so quickly and were really helpful!

Have a good rest of the week!
Becky xx


  1. I really enjoyed the scent of the rose bath salts & I tried the Nip+Fab dark circles pen, worked wonders.

    LaaLaa xo
    Dolce Vanity

    1. The pen I tried this morning; can't wait to try the others!


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