How To Make Your Gel Varnish Last Longer

What I'm wearing at the moment: Sensationail in Heirloom lilac, Pandora rings

Guten Tag aus Deutschland! Earlier on I received an email from La Redoute about a Blogger competition in conjunction with  their new French Styles pageI have to write a blog post to tell you about my favourite style tip and as I was going to do this post anyway, so this is perfect!

If, like me, you've tried Gel Varnish on several occasions but it never lasts for the 2 weeks it's meant to no matter which brand/ who does it, you need to try this trick.

I have had my nails done in OPI, Sensationail and Geleration both at home and at a salon and they never seemed to last.... However last week I decided to give it another go having not had them done since Christmas, and guess what, I've only had one tiny chip within a week using this technique!

It's called 'the Sandwich' which involves you using the same base as you normally would, then one layer of colour. You then buff this down after you've put it under the light, then apply the normal two coats over this then a top coat. This just means you get an extra coat but it's not too thick: ideal!

As I said this has worked a treat as it hasn't started peeling like it normally does, plus it's been chip free for a whole week (which is unheard of for me!).

I hope this helps you, and fingers crossed I win the comp: I'll keep you updated! 
Have a great weekend!
Becky xx


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